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LSGIA: A friend, James, why is this so hard to read? Why refer to yourself in the third person?.

I hope this message finds you well. I read your blog and the 11 posts. I need more time to do the other reading. I’m having difficulty comprehending (so sorry🙁) Need to re-read. This question may sound ridiculous, but I am inquiring with all due respect:  Why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person? You make many references to James. Aren’t you James? Thanks and forgive my stupidity. 🌝

My reply: Oh please! ROFL! If I am not a fool or a Madman or an idiot and I am not of those then something I am aware of is that the greatest Spirits throughout history no one reads them. Why? Because it's foreign to us and therefore it requires a tremendous amount of work. It is foreign to us because they are of what I'm referring to by whatever words but I'll say the loving spirit of goodness in action. By whatever words or none. We have been taught by our culture to be spirits of the head and flesh. This is a foreign land. It has taken me many many years and would take me hundreds of years to fully understand this land because I wasn't taught of it. So if what I'm sharing is worthwhile like the works of Tolstoy and the actual words of Jesus and the actual words of Gandhi and the actual words of Martin Luther King jr... . which no one reads because it's hard work, that's why it's hard work. It's not you, a little bit it's me, but it's hard work. And it is a lot that this is early in the total reconstruction, the total Construction, of this movement so any attempt at more detailed word processing are not even being made yet. It'll be another two months before the work has gone into making it more easily accessible to even the few pioneers. But we can't wait. Help is needed now so we have to Wade through now we are early ones. I am so deeply glad that you're giving it a try.

I'm quite aware that I'm referring to myself in the third person. And I don't know exactly why. I find it more interesting. I find it more appropriate. It is an attempted movement at least psychologically by me in the direction that this site needs to be which is not the site of I, not the site of James, but our site, the sight of We. And a site which is transparent. It will have words from King, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rachel Corrie, Sophie Scholl.... Alice Paul, Diane Wilson.... Dave Schwenk hopefully and others. In every case including we direct contributors to the site, transparency requires that we be named. It will be a tragedy if it continues to be that we would know who I is, currently James, that must change quickly.

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