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0. LSGIA: Our Mission, Our Prayer

General site notice: ( acknowledgement in advance of some redundancy and much wordiness here elsewhere in these documents. Even when the miracle of a process of collaboration like this possibly emerging the risks early on of misunderstanding are enormous. This is what you are reading from me. A silver lining, if you struggle through this post 0 you will find that you can skim through redundancy quite quickly in other posts and I encourage you to do so.) If it is ever found that James with the initiate moments of this reconstruction, if it is ever found that he truly values his ideas over the truth from wherever sources can best be understood, then at that moment it will be known that he is not of the Spirit in any way shape or form and a detriment to this effort and should be abandoned and or or stopped.

Having said that, James received the vision for this particular attempt at the reconstruction of the ancient movement.

More importantly, as best he understands it, in the fall of 2001 James explicitly turned control of his life, put in charge of the head and flash he has been given, which he highly values, he put in charge of those the loving spirit of goodness in action-ism as best he understood it at the time, by different words, heart, Loving. Under the crazy control of that spirit he gave all material wealth he had accumulated as a successful hi tech executive, to the woman he been married to for decades and to their biological children, and waged his first anti violent loving onslaught on the murderous apathy that was destroying the lives of thousands of resource starved children in Chester Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Enquirer December 31st 2001) . This largely in the form of his first near death Hunger strike.

Throughout his life and adulthood LSGIA had impact on his life more than it has on most people in this culture but since that time in 2001 it has been virtually 100 percent in charge of his head and flash. He has experienced this as an amazing crazy worthy frightening joyful ride on which he is still being taken.

As a consequence of all this and in the absence of what he has yearned for, others of the same spirit in charge, in collaboration, in the absence of this he is now compelled to do what is risky and undesirable to him, to be a very heavy hand in the initial days of the restart of this movement. It seems he has been given by the spirit to be the initial chief architect and he has been giving vision of what the original construction should look like at least in general, model, form. (A housing construction contractor is likely to build a model in a new development such that those who are drawn to the idea have something specific as a basis for putting forth the changes and improvements they want to see..This is necessary in the creative process as a basis for true and efficient and effective collaboration). And he must push forward forcefully and faithfully at least until the point that that form is clear enough and manifest enough that in the event that what he yearns for, collaborators, emerge that they can go to work on helping him improve the model that he is Duty bound to set forth for them. This is not the position he wishes to be in but its the position he finds himself in and he will bear the burden.

He will passionately hope that those that begin to enter into collaboration will understand that this is what he's trying to do to be certain that they see the model that he is seeing so that the real collaboration of implementing and or modifying that model can begin effectively.

His primary teacher due to history, culture, and circumstance, his primary teacher, a long now with the Saints and scholars mentioned in this document in lesser form, his primary teacher Jesus seems to have said, if you believe in me, if you believe in what I have done, if you understand what I have embodied and embrace it, you will do greater work than mine because I go on to the father now, I rejoin with the spirit now, my physical form comes to an end on earth here now.  And you coming after me have more time to learn and 2 develop and build.

James experiences that he has been given enough of a spark of this earlier movement that he is to forcefully advance it in what hopefully is initially collaborative work to the point that it can become truly and deeply a collaborative work. but it may be rough going for a few days or weeks before that point is achieved, with his hand much much heavier than he quickly wishes it to be.

It is unlikely but possible that by the time true collaboration takes place little that is recognizable of the initial model will remain.)

Our mission, is to carry forward with and in our very lives, and there by complete, the movement to revolutionize, to free, to unleash, the loving spirit of goodness in action and there by to save the world, or that which can still be saved, in ourselves, and maybe a few others, this the work begun by those founders of the movement who have come before us, the Saints*  of the loving spirit of goodness in action ism, and the scholars that inform our work.

Our prayer in whatever way we personally fashion it is like that of the early Christians as understood by brother James:

Loving spirit of goodness in action ism

Glorious are you.

Your rule of earth will come

As your will is done

On earth exactly as we would do in a heaven.

Give us all this day clear vision of what you would have us do.

Lead us not into distraction,

But deliver us from enslavemeant to the spirit of our flash and head.

For thine is the Empire and the power and the glory forever.

*Jesus Buddha Confucius Krishna Muhammad Sophie show Teresa Calcutta Ellen Roosevelt Alice Paul Rosa Parks Harriet Tubman

1. LSGIA: Start, WAGE... Loving Spirit of Goodness in ACTION-ISM... the Being you were born as


  1. Blessings for you & the love you show for humanity. As I SEE It, there are those of us called to be inspirational guiding lights, and y/our mission is to bring illumination to others & to help raise spiritual awareness.

    I am simply blessed to seek Spiritual Guidance & share what has come to my heart & mind. The Internet is a tremendous gift of #InfiniteIntelligence. I am grateful we now have this medium to communicate with those who are to receive. Namaste. I say, Let there be peace on Earth & let it begin with me. ❤🎼🎡 😎 Yes πŸ‘ ☮πŸ•―πŸ’•

  2. Thank you for giving your story! Brief as it is, I'd wondered many times. I love your statement about "Jesus was correct" and the thought of envying Jesus and the other spiritual leaders. Blessings to you!