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11. LSGIA: Emblem graphic

James needs, this resource needs, and the world needs some emblem that will graphically  encapsulate, inspire, inform, communicate and guide the loving spirit of goodness in action-ism.
Hoping for help and an even a better idea.
In the absence of a better idea James will immediately and quickly press ahead in the following directions with or without assistance. Please provide your help or your better idea. Please. Try.
In my long and deep study of the historical Jesus I frequently see the notion and the fairly clear scripture attributed to him that not one jot and tittle of the law is to be violated but that what he embodied was the initial fulfillment of the Law, loving spirit of goodness in Action-ism, in another words. My understanding of this is my understanding of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. If the butterfly were able it would have no desire that the caterpillar stop doing what the caterpillar does but it certainly would understand itself as the fulfillment of the work that the caterpillar did and not attempt to hold itself to the rules and laws and being of the caterpillar.
Jesus was that butterfly and tried to lead the rest of us to be that butterfly. Judaism of his day and the culture of his day was the caterpillar and more particularly the Jewish law and practice prior was the caterpillar. This effort must pick up his work and that of the other Saints that have tried to do the same.
1.Hence I see an outline, a large black and white outline of a butterfly, as Central to this Emblem.
Before I go on let me restate what I have stated elsewhere in this document. I will always with the most extreme gratitude when faced with the opportunity to implement my own idea or that of someone else I implement the idea of another when the ideas are of roughly equivalent promise. life taught me early on that our baby will receive infinitely more passionate and competent care than will my baby alone. but ultimately I will protect the baby with my life if there are no other parents committed to the task with me.
2. The primary dominant words to be: loving spirit of goodness in action-ism.
3. The lead in words to be: Start, Wage…. why? as mentioned elsewhere it is currently a fact that if the words start loving or start wage loving are searched in Google the first thing that comes up is this website’s Url. If we stop using those lead-in words in combination I presume that that advantage will be quickly lost.
4. Not bold but the ending words to be:.... the being we were born as. As tempting as it would be this is not a religion or an attempt to replace other religions or to start a new one. It is in attempt to rekindle, to reignite the spirit born into every infant. It is an attempt to reestablish our natural normal way of being and in the attempt to avoid misunderstanding, and to prevent corruption, and misunderstanding…. it is important to end with these words. I say this not to prove that this is the correct way but to provide the reason that I think it is.
My 1977 masters degree from Syracuse University was in business marketing and that was Central to my practice most of my adulthood. I don't say this to discourage alternative ideas, badly I want them.  I am very mindful of the downsides of cumbersome long complex emblems or labels or phrases or names. But I am more mindful of what has happened in every prior attempt when a non descriptive easily corrupted easily misunderstood easily misrepresented name has been affixed to such efforts, Christianity Buddhism Islam atheism…. . it's a recipe for disaster which we must attempt to avoid.

5. It is way beyond my graphic ability but if one is aware of the bumper sticker from a group advocating coexist where the emblems of various faith traditions are integrated into the design it seems to me that there could be a clever and effective way of implementing those symbols, and possibly others such as the gender symbols, into the design of the butterfly probably in size of each roughly approximating the size of the global population currently participating in that religion. there for with the cross being the largest and most Central which I think would be helpful graphicly as well.
Quickly within weeks I anticipate the Emblem will be finalized enough that it can become my new uniform every waking moment, replacing my current one and will become the dominant and almost only emblem on all facings of Sol, the solar cycle that carries me around. Please help, now. And more importantly it will be an emblem that others could choose to employ themselves.
No I don't like this. I want something much better. but this is my current place holder mockup of concept except white on black although others could do it white on black or whatever.
Almost always including in this case it will be a trap we should recognize beforehand to try and be conventional, to try and be modern, to try and fit in, to try and do it the way that is in vogue…. No, it is not the intention to go in the opposite direction but to a degree Gandhi was correct, truth is God, we must sacrifice at the altar of doing our best to represent the truth of our souls and take whatever consequences are the result.
And it is way beyond my ability to even try and incorporate the concept in number 5 above but I hope someone else tries.
Totally and again and not in defense of the crude mockup above I would love something that is much simpler much less cumbersome than thiss. please show me. but this effort cannot be and will never be about the impossible job of starting with the masses.  Our best hope is one in a million and maybe one in a billion at the beginning. A fire is started with little bit of tinder and twigs and it is deadly folly to try and start with a large pile of logs. But James even the one in a billion who's soul calls them even slightly to this Emblem despite the confusion and complexity will have to ask, will have to stop and ponder! yes! and the problem with that is what?
That which would give light burns, those who would give light must endure burning.Paraphrase of Eleanor Roosevelt.

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