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LSGIA: Important Genesis of James list of Saints and Scholars

The materials you have seen me advancing so far if only under the name of the Saints and the scholars has very substantially come to me because my own search has been guided these last 18 years by trying to understand pretty much at the molecular level the great change agents that have  come before and what caused them. Martin Luther King Jr was caused by Walter Roush en bushes book in large part and secondary tolstoy’s book the law of love and the law of violence and by gundies life work. Tolstoy was caused largely by the original Greek texts of the gospel and apparently heavily influenced at least by John Ruskin  unto to this last and Ruskin essays by this name along with tolstoy's the kingdom of God is within you created Gandhi.

Mulholland it seems was created by Alice Paul and Alice Paul by Mulholland. Although he can be very very distracting pitirim sorokin’s book the ways and power of love is an exhausted examination of where people that he categorizes as people of the supra conscience came from. Aside from the Greek gospel toast or was also inspired by the lives that these saw being lived by and tie violent communities particularly Quaker in Russia under threat of incredible brutality from Russians which he saw them trans mute time after time as described in PDF detail in the first ten chapters of the Kingdom of God is within you. Dave derringer yeah to jail jail came from it least in  large part the experience of leaving yale  mid degree and going and living with the poor during the depression in hobo camps around the country. I don't quite remember what caused him to do that but that would be interesting. Kahn the frontier Gundy was caused in substantial part by watching the Life of Gandhi.

So the above is kind of circular to be sure. Just to state again the central thought, this site, the target audience and its construction should in humility look very very hard at who the prior Revolutionaries are, what caused them, and in particular the extent to which they were cause by written word that we can read, highlight on the site, no?

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