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3. LSGIA: Essential vision opportunity need

Don't we all know that all of the core faith traditions seem to state at their heart some version of the Golden rule? Many many many of us know that. And yet so few in any religion  emBody that.

This makes patently obvious that what's needed is something that is explicitly that of the Golden rule in a way that is very very difficult to misunderstand miss represent adulterat etcetera.

But not another religion although that's tempting. the scholarship is clear that Jesus did not set out to establish a religion. he sent out to establish a way of being. we need to do the same.

Were this effort to begin to have any impact yes it would be viewed as a threat by some in so-called religion, but a potentially useful threat, a goad that they begin to purify themselves down to what they were originally intended to be, and a tool to help them do so.

On a more personal note, about 34 hours ago I awoke after weeks of study and reflection here in the desert, I woke at midnight or maybe 2 a.m. out of a deep sleep, and realized that I hadn't a clue, not the vaguest hint, of what I was to do with my life to try and help this desperately dying world or anyone in it. this was very frustrating, discouraging, depressing and  frightening. an hour later I had what I can only described as a call, I've received some not rarely before, no words nothing like that, a gift from my Supra conscious, a call to use my life to build in the direction that is now crudely outlined 34 hours later in this document. Lol not much sleep in the meantime.

Again on a personal note as this 34 hours reached approximately its midpoint I begin to sense that my life up until now and in particular the deep study and the scholarship and practice that begin 20 years ago has all been in preparation for my role in this effort. And my professional life of leading small medium and fairly large impossible missions was also in preparation for this mission. And my life especially this last twenty years and especially this last 20 months leads me to know that the likelihood that I or this effort will make any difference is between slim and none but this is the best I can see to do to try and help anyone and I will gratefully embrace it and pursue it and work to facilitate it with every breath that I am given.

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