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LSGIA: what “truth” means to us here

LSGIA: what “truth” means to us here

Although we hold true scholarship in the highest esteem, and things like objective quantitative measures of impact in extremely high esteem, we are bound ultimately in every respect to increasing the amount of goodness in the world. We are not bound to wasting time in idle arguments with cynics or with armchair Observers which in each case represent massive swats of the u.s. community including among those that consider themselves open-minded and progressives. This is not meant to be mean or harsh but it is meant to be clear.

With few exceptions the measure we use for what is true is what has worked, what has been employed, what has had impact by the great revolutionaries that have come before and secondarily as documented by the great Scholars, the very few great Scholars that have tried to give us insight to these processes.

And also what we have proven in our own lives. If we are not relatively healthy and relatively advanced in this area where we are creating this resource then why are you even reading this? But if we are then of course we will draw on what we have learned personally and what works personally while at the same time being transparent as to when we and our experience is the source.

We are absolutely not bound by what the sick professions in this culture hold to be truth. Their measure is what they can get funds for which tends to be safe minutiae regardless of the field. This including most academics that should be sources of serious information on the subjects we are concerned with at this site but rarely so. We are a culture without Vision, those who provide funding to today's researchers are without Vision or Compassion or humanity and therefore the should be thought leaders in Academia do Visionless meaningless work so they can get money for what they consider to be lives.

One of the big implications of this is that people like Sorokin, Maslow, Frankel, Adler, and others steamed in this site and by we that contribute here are not highly esteemed within their fields and often have been disparaged. Jesus was disparaged. Churchill detested Gandhi. United States loves Martin Luther King Jr, just not the real Martin Luther King jr. that was so threatening to the state that they killed him.

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