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5.1 LSGIA: The centrality of Jesus on this site, in this movement

James is really struggling against sacrificing truth on the altar of inclusiveness. this is the altar on which prior attempts at this movement have died. Specifically the struggle is between honoring the truth that Jesus is probably the greatest Revolutionary that history has yet seen and on the other hand trying to not discourage those of other faith traditions from including themselves in this work. James is quite sure he quite sure can find the courage to not sacrifice the truth on this alter which would be an act of cowardice and stupidity on his part. In truth what should work is that overtime if by some miracle some  great LSGIA soul from a different faith tradition sees the truth in this work as it evolves, could and maybe would announced themselves to the effort that they wanted to create a version better reflective of their faith tradition, and or show how the current work could be protected in aadhearing to the truth while at the same time becoming more inclusive. In James mind it something like the button at the top of some International sites that lets one select English or French or Spanish or Arabic or whatever. Part of his assessment that Jesus is the greatest revolutionary is certainly the limits of his faith and cultural background but Gandhi wasn't limited by James cultural background and he assed that Jesus was the greatest example of a human being that history ever seen and said as much in his correspondence with Tolstoy. Revolutionary movements around the world hold Martin Luther King Jr in extremely high esteem I believe and King absolutely was a continuation of Jesus work.

If you have any strong reactions James would certainly like to know them. He also want to be transparent to you as to why he is proceeding as you will see his initial modeling effort proceed for a while.

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