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Solar RV cycling blog September 21st period Profound and extraordinary and unexpected.

 For a long time, much of the last year if not longer, something has been dramatically incorrect in the torque sensor reading. At 95% certainty, explained in a moment, the human output readings averaging 90 this last year approximately, have been half of the actual, exactly. James has been
averaging More like 180 watts is extremely respectable for a serious cyclist. And it is what James understood he was creating on the race to standing rock, the race to the West Coast and down. And maybe you can understand how discouraging James  experience he was unable to reclaim such contribution. 

The methodology for ascertaining this today Was on a level stretch of highway shoulder with a slight incline to set the throttle To achieve 5 miles an hour and to see what that energy consumption was, 250 watts at that time period James then disengaged the motor and pedaled with the motor disengaged to approximate that speed on that grade. 250 watts.,

 .... This is all independent, 100% independent, of the Experience pro found breakthrough of the last 3 days or so. It is entirely coincidence that they are happening at the same time period the discovery and the experiencial profound difference. Which is more than just experiencal. James can set the instruments to go back to the mis calibration and where he would have been seeing 90 W output for the amount of effort he was expanding he now sees 140 With much less apparent effort on his part. 

 Today in the last 15 miles or so James is averaging 195 human watts per hr And has so far expended 365 which prior to correcting the mis calibration would have been half of that period 

 All of this is in line with the metrics of Iowa Before & After for a long time period 

 .... The most important point in this blog entry today Is a apparent emphasis and refinement regarding The cycling technique and principals Of these recent days. For the 1st hour or so of what has been a very productive, high output, extremely efficient cycling event It turns out the James was remembering the profoundly important discovery of using his, inviting and empowering his, uprising leg to maintain the pivot points. And that was correct. And things were correct in every respect. But it turns out he was leaving tremendous effortlessness smoothness and productivity on the table. And they How and why? 

He was remembering to use the uprising leg for the positioning he was not remembering that the purpose of the positioning is to maintain participation in the momentum. The feeling every instance at that point of the legs participating in the momentum. When this was brought to mind the smoothing effect, the dampening of any jerkiness that was there was instantaneous. And near certainly the power increased an other canner 15 or 20% from. 

Profoundly important. Not only what was just stated but what yesterday seemed to be a small circular object at the groin the point of participation, today it is almost A bar less than an inch in diameter that is the the underside of a spy exactly where it meets the buttocks. And the nature of the participation invited by the rising thigh to create is to keep a slight downward pressure on that far. That is experienced as participation.

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