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Protect, reignite, resurrect soul log September 20. The professors, the convict, the retired man. James is simply guessing at these identities.

Moments from departing the Walmart Hilton this morning a voice from behind, where are you headed? James answered with a short version of the story, The self immolation at a concentration camp destroying children is delayed, 1st attempting To resurrect a soul here or there in the 48 States. The question was from a middle age man with his female partner . He recoiled a little bit reflects of Lee. As with almost all that approached the vehicle were expecting an entertaining story. But he was certainly not impolite. His female partner Step forward asking politely if she could  contribute $10 to the work. She brought up the student strike led by Greta happening today worldwide, and expressed her optimism. To which I said that as I wrote and spoke and new five years ago hunger-striking in front of the Canadian embassy against the tar Sands and Global destruction, global incineration, that that little saint Greta unless she leads a global hunger strike of children is wasting her time.

 At the McDonald's about to go in for a 61 cent senior coffee, A very large Dark green military suv color came alongside Suv, And A Man in fairly dirty work clothes, this is working country, Got out. Does not have all his teeth. Otherwise healthy looking. Something about convict on his shirt. He got the short version of the story. God be with you he said. 

 In the McDonald's was James Drinking the coffee and waiting to use the restroom a 3rd time so he could depart. nd early sixties man, part of the large group of retired people in McDonald's that morning came over to scout. He got the story. Be safe he said seeming to mean it. 

 As always the people that approach do not get the story they were expecting. They get the story. As reported the other day not yet has anyone shown disrespect or offense. Yes it's possible that's what they felt. 

It seems unlikely That Each will not speak to someone about what they heard. It seems very unlikely. Point being this mission is causing an individual here are there to think, and probably indede stirring a soul here or there. However slightly. It is an immense privilege to be given this work to do.

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