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***** Solar RV cycling blog September 17. Recumbent recline or shoot yourself, James. Circularity at the knees, no corners or edges. This is profound.

Have these prior important days been Building blocks? Setting the stage? Gateways? Not sure. 

Yes physically James reclined the seat substantially weeks ago. But for other reasons had a pad down the spine and today that was removed allowing the torso to recline another inch? Revolutionary. Profound for the
body. Profound. Profound. Opened up profound possibilities. This is wonderful, amazing, and a concern. How could James have gone a year without understanding the profound difference and inch could make?

Prior to this discovery, earlier today in the journey, something else profound happened. Circularity came to mind, no corners, no edges. James body responded to this profoundly. It was later that he removed the pad . 

 Yesterday's important concepts of fluidity and Hydraulic were very helpful. Where they preparation? Are they building blocks? Do they simply open the door to circularity? Unknown. 

Oh, yes, at the knees. Everything at the knees, knees, the center of the universe, the entire universe. 

 And with all this guess who showed up? The notion of pulling energy out of the ground with the knees that was such a profound help, saving James from suicide, lol, in Southern Oregon on the way back from the Canadian border a year ago. His body had lost any idea of what to do. And the crazy notion came to James, what if you try just lifting one knee after another? And it clicked and was a tremendous section of time, days, several weeks? And then it was lost and couldn't come back. 

And I think the reason it couldn't come back even though tried periodically over the last year was due to the crippling upright posture of the physical seating and the lost notion of no corners, no edges, circularity at the knees. Both of these fed on each other in a vicious Cycle. 

 And with the seat reclined more properly now and the notion of circularity, no edges, pulling energy out Of the ground, it was Startling to see how immediately the downward leg knew what to do with that. the upward leg and the downward leg immediately synchronized with the downwards leg almost in a relaxed easy fashion going to completion of its cycle with an odd sort of relaxed weight going down on the pedal. 

an amusing note. Today James ordered a replacement torque sensor, bottom bracket, for saul. It may be in Casper to morrow or the next day. Not terribly expensive. For several reasons he has lost the conviction that the torque sensor is reporting James output properly. It may be. however the 15000 miles on the current torque sensor really shocks the experts up in Canada that it is lasted this long. And James spends so much time every day and his interested and informed and enabled by the metrics, that purchasing this $150 item seemed to make sense to Be able to better judge what his body is actually doing. Has he really lost so much ability and strength from a year and a 1/2 ago that his output is now roughly half? Maby so. does not really matter. But for all the time he invests in this that expenditure has been made and hopefully a bike shop and Casper will install within the next day or so before the further Journeys South is undertaken.

Notice. This particular log is so important that it is being posted prior to the posting and completion of earlier logs. Be careful reader over the next several days will want to check for those earlier logs of the last week. They will be filed under the dates they  were created.

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