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Solar RV cycling blog September 20. It may be this simple.

Cycling log continued. Part two. Yes, the total revolution, totally changed world, Discussed beginning 3 days ago, yes, it's a thing. 

 The average human output In the 1st 10 miles today without trying is More
than one 20. This hasn't been seen In Maybe a year. Without trying. 

What James was trying to do with relative ease was implement the lessons, the principles, of these last 3 days. Circularity, uninterrupted participation in our momentum. Participation in the momentum of us. 

Surprisingly this within half an hour had translated into something quite new. The circular object Very small in diameter, just several inches , was found at the groin or within just an inch or 2 of the growing. Now yes that area was found briefly in Lone Pine but not in this way, and entirely un sustainable.. 

 Several important elements that allowed this convergence. 

Item. Relaxing as much as necessary particularly if the sprocket has just changed causing complete relaxation and/or the start of the vehicle where things need to be established. In earlier logs of months ago this was discussed as a checking in and that's not a badd way to think of it and it is happening fluidly and naturally and instantaneously today although that is not to suggest it does not need to be brought to mind, it does. No problem. 

Item. Several days ago with a sense of euphoria James reported on the very old strange friend from a year ago, putting all focus on rising the knee towards the chest, and log several days ago James thought that this was really really central. None of that is in evidence today. 

But the role of the rising leg particularly early in the journey today was very important. It was sensed and proven that the speed, timing, amplitude of that was extremely useful for in a relaxed comfortable manner maintaining involvement at that circular object with the massive inertia that is us was hugely facilitated by just the right timing and amplitude of that rising Thai. And that remains the case further into the voyage but it became automatic quite quickly. 

Item. , not total mind you, but the relative extreme effort listlessness seen for the last hour or so is practically unbelievable and quite possibly unprecedented. Even Iowa achieving a 160 human W output never seemed quite this effortless although it was extremely fluid then. .... This is not to suggest that James is averaging 160 as he did from Iowa across the continent, or at least a 140, and although that is not of huge importance it's not at all surprising to James the thought that such numbers may well be coming back. 

Item. Without the tiny but totally game changing increase of recline the other day none of this happens. That has made all of this possible. 

 Item. The speed with which James body and mind and nervous system are responding to this so quickly Including muscle strength Is due to all the hard work and learning these last 12 months or so and beyond. 

 Item. The principles highlighted at the top of this post are solving so many problems. Disengagement of the lower legs. Fluidity. No corners. And quite possibly tremendously solving the asymmetry that has been so distracting and annoying very often between the legs. Mostly the left leg going rogue  this Winter and oddly in recent weeks or likely the right leg that was doing that. 

Item. .... It was not correct to think that there needed to be a intimate conscious relationship with saul. All recent evidence to the contrary. Clearly the relationship must be extreme right now but it is 100% a by-product, no conscious effort thank goodness, into achieving it. 

 item. Although the evidence today is that yes a circular object 360゚ as the point of participation in our momentum There is strong evidence that for today at least that object is not at the knees as it was in the miraculous Iowa experience. And it is seen as quite superior. As discussed earlier today the circular object Made itself quite plainly at the crotch or within an inch or so further out. And never does James recall an effort listeniss and Fluidity Such as being experienced right now. 

Item. Except for it's very short duration these last hour and a 1/2 or 2 hours are the new benchmark and at least are alongside Iowa 

Item. Really it is quite striking The way the above principles are allowing normal attempts, normal for the last year, to respond to Extreme events, a sudden incline, a sudden need to add power, how these principles are almost automatically replacing those Hugely inefficient attempts with a refocusing on maintaining fluid, shockingly relaxed 360゚ partisipation at the crotch with that circular object. And the metrics are at least 50% and more closer to 80% better then the last year in such situations. 

At this moment James is climbing After a lot of level ground and dissent and just glanced down at the instrument To notice the human W output. 170?!?! And his heart rate at the moment is 104? The significance of that James is uncertain of as he has made no sort of study however that is extremely low compared to the 118 or so that would have been experienced only days ago at a much lower registered output. The point is this is astonishingly higher power at lower human energy expenditure to develop it then seen Almost since Iowa and may be substantially better than Iowa as mentioned above. 

Item. To me psychologically in ways that James was not grasping his profound weakness was so psychologically devastating for him because he thrives on at least the prospect of making a meaningful difference. And the fact that it best he has been 20% of our common movement across the country and more like 12% has been excruciating especially because his body could not and would not forget that there were times when he was At more of a sustained 25%, himself plus another 80 pounds of the payload. And it really now will be shocking if This now meaningful participation and contribution does not continue. That will be something out of the Twilight Zone. ....

Cycling, part 3. Iowa, your wonderful, time to step aside? Every once in a while James glances down and rarely does he see anything other than about 1:40 human W. At a perceived effort on his part way less, way less, then the effort he would have seen when 90 W, or 95 W, we're showing. This is a new ball game for James. No, he has no idea that it will necessarily show up tomorrow. But it seems extremely unlikely that it would not. 

 The sequence for the last 20 minutes of this relatively short day Is To go through the following cycle particularly when adjustments in power are required based on grade. 1. Check in with the groin as the area of pivot or rotation. To. Begin gently cycling, all this within a second or 2. 3rd. most crucial, most game changing, look to the uprising leg to maintain the low location, not rising,  circular area. 4. Maintain that interactive focus on the grind as point of 360 degree contact and participation with the momentum and the invocation of the rising leg to constantly adjust itself so that the point of rotation remains without friction and jerking And any rigidity or bullying by the rest of the body. All of which is happening almost without effort. 

The obvious guess of theory is that the 2 upright position was forcing the center of pivot away from the groin toward the middle of the thighs and even out to the knees. But certainly the dominant pivot in walking or running or cycling is at the crotch. So James has been trying to operate a severely crippled machine and has done so but wasting so much energy, half of the energy and more on fighting the machine rather than simply trying to participate with saul.

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