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Do you know anyone that would find joy in protecting and supporting this mission?

A place to safely rest for about a week at various parts of the journey over the coming year. It is anticipated that it will take another year. That would
mean all 48 States within 14 or 15 months. That maybe terribly unrealistic, far too short, by a year or more. But right now it is seeming doable. But quite a physical and emotional and financial strain. The importance of noting that strain is simply so that if there's those that would find joy in protecting this mission understand that there is meaningful work to be done. 

Every month or so James should stop and rest for a week. This presents problems generally because to stay in a campground is funds that James neither has nor would want to spend. And or it creates a danger, familiatity breeds contempt, were James to stay in an area for a week Unless it was provided By a friend, or pointed to by a knowledgeable friend of the mission as clearly a safe place to rest for a week. 

He hopes to the spend the winter traveling East from New Mexico and picking up at least the southernmost States and maybe the states above them. By end of May or mid-june he expects to try for Southern Maine. Then to use the rest of the months until it starts turning cold to sweep West and pick up the remaining States in a way that a year from now he can head south again and continue West back to California.

James is profoundly low maintenance. Does not have time to be entertained. Even in terms of managing human waste. Provided he could find water some place he just needs a safe place to rest. It would be crucial that Verizon signal be accessible for Internet access as these rest periods would also be a time of study. So if you would find joy in helping put the word out? 

Please, regarding the above, none of the tepid, well, maybe, we'll see, asking James dozens of questions. James just doesn't have time or resources for that. If someone has a passion to provide or point to a place definitively please have the message James? Otherwise, no thanks.

Also, as mentioned several days ago, What financial reserves James had accumulated by profoundly frugal living this Winter, it is no longer possible to be so frugal. Cooking for himself is not an option. What solar energy there is is being consumed in travel now, and more and more frequently now is topping up his batteries at night typically at a gas station along the way willing to help and his ethics demand that he purchase his junk food and calories at such places out of courtesy and respect.  so his daily calorie costs are not insignificant. 

Sol, the miraculous vehicle, is finally a really really stable partner. The good news is that we are traveling 40 miles or more per day. The bad news, we're burning through bike tires pretty fast. And we've had some considerable final expenses in terms of saul's readiness, Numerous machine shops have been involved along the way in providing fortifications, protections against catastrophic failure, And upgrades and these have not been inexpensive. And at least one more such stop will be required. 

 Also on the horizon as the days get really short Is yet another lithium ion battery, a long term investment but a substantial cost, probably $600 or so. .... A charger for that is another $ 250. 

 and in all likelihood new front wheels are required. As a protective measure and as A likely means of increasing safe sustainable speed from our current 9.5 miles an hour up Toward 11.5 miles an hour, a 20% improvement. The limiting factor is The horrible quality of American roads. In this 1st portion of the mission the Western and Northwestern States They are unique in allowing bicycles on the interstare interstate shoulders which although littered with tire destroying Steel belted radials are still relatively smooth. .... By the end of Texas that luxury will be no more. And the road quality of the secondary roads in this rapidly dying country will often be horrible. So in fact the new front tires which would be smaller diameter, 24" instead of 26" would allow for fatter tires, ba loon tires, which might cost a little bit of rolling resistance but would provide a shock absorbing that would allow us to either maintain the current 9.5 miles an hour or possibly edge upward from there without compromising the structural integrity. A 3 or $400 investment by the time everything is done. 

 James is not yet Saying that the mission is dying for lack of financial resources, it is not. But the reserves are extremely low now. And we could fall off the cliff To be saved only if by putting out the word and some people responded. FYI. 

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