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Protect , reignite soul log. And general update.

There are days and weeks, there have been, where James experiences being in the groove. His soul in charge, his body cooperating beautifully, and his cerebral cortex a beautiful servant. The last week has not been among those times. 

If it doesn't kill you you grow. And
this is not yet killing James. He is at anything but peak performance and that is very very frustrating for him, no complaints. An observation. A checking in and being honest. 

 his rage acknowledged a week ago is certainly not in check. Do not get the picture of that he is expressing this at anyone, he is not. But in his moment to moment experience with the things that don't go well, a piece of equipment being difficult, something getting tangled or snagged, something pushed out of the way that falls exactly back into being in the way, it really is Him into rage. He is aware of it. No reason for physical alarm. But it is a tell tale sign that he is not pioneering joy in hell And he is aware and working on it. 

As noted in earlier posts, James and saul are slowing the pace for the moment. Prior week there was a notion of attempting to go to the limits of what this relatively favorable weather and solar day duration would allow. About 60 miles A-day. For James it turned out to be too much too fast. HIs time for reflection, matters of the soul, transcribing dictated blog posts and posting them, at settra were crowded out. And the repairs and wear on saul were accumulating at a rapid enough pace that James was unable to keep pace and deal with it. So we are now down to approximately a 40 mile A-day pace. Nothing inherently good or badd about this period unless we have very unfortunate luck regarding the weather we should not be courting problems with to much snow possibility. In Sheridan Wyoming the mountains are not extremely high and yet last week indeed they got snow, about 2 weeks early I'm told. And many people in this area think it's going to be a cold and probably snowy Winter. What will be will be. Current expectation at 40 miles A-day the 1200 miles to Gia  New Mexico should be achieved by late October. That does mean early October for some areas that are 7000-8000' in Western Colorado. And Eastern Utah. What will be will be. But unless we're very unlucky it should be fairly un eventful. 

Most of the projected route has apparently decent Verizon Internet coverage. South of Casper were likely to be out of Internet communication for several days in a very desolate but an area that doesn't look too dangerous. Pretty much due South of Casper to Medicine Bow and then we head west. 

Whether the large volume of grasshoppers I believe, maybe locusts, whether that is unusual for of this area in this time of year James has no idea. Hasnt asked  yet. But a 100' there are 10 or 20 or 30 To avoid them not knowing how many he actually does avoid. He has warned them not to play in the road and they don't seem to listen. 

 some quite meaningful dialogs in parking lots and wherever. In leaving town today getting on the inner state setting a gas station where the lvratory had been used, a late thirties dad in his new but modest car with a child in the back seat side and very appropriately asked, how you doing? Genuine question. Not well I said. He expressed concern and I said destroying children because the color of their skin is unlike Jesus, not white enough, and went on to explain that Plan a is no longer self immolation that a camp to express my grief and rage but at least 1st visiting all 48 States with this vehicle to see if a  soul can be stirred here are their. He seemed quite genuine in his saying thank you for taking on that important mission.  

Earlier in the same town, Sheridan, a fellow who from what I gather is living off his modest pension he called it and is a traveling ministry living out of his car. Did not seem like a nut job. I was glad to be able to share with him in a very non confrontational way, noe, I take none of The Bible literally. I do find the 1/3 of the words attributed to Jesus that he probably said the greatest truths of how to live possible. That the church for 2000 years has been burying the central ity of those to which he expressed great agreement although who knows what he thinks I really met. I think he  sort of understood. 

At the very attractive rest area, very attractive  where soul and I spent the night last night as did other travelers, sleeping in vehicles, A lady came over And said are you providing service this is Sunday? I was pleasant in saying that I don't experience at all that way. Every breath is Sunday for me, the time to be the servant of creator. She continued the conversation for probably 10 minutes Trying to steer it to her traditional church beliefs and enduring me not being steered until she didn't want to endure it anymore. But how glad I am to be able to share of the understandings that I have. No, Jesus didn't give us any excuses. No, it is not individual choice that has us all almost dead in Seoul. It's the culture. This beautiful lawn each blade of grass is healthy what's the seed thrown on the concrete, not so much.. She didn't wanna hear it and I didn't force myself but she chose to endure it and I'm glad she could hear what I had to say. 

It has been several weeks now The James has been studying almost nothing besides the words of Jesus, the roughly 200 phrases of the 1000 in The Bible that scholars conclude the man Jesus actually did speak. this is really amazing to James. Weeks studying only 200 phrases? He finds it satisfying. But he does it because he finds it important. Tolstoy who spent 40 years of his life writing and speaking the meaning that he got from ascension Li those  200 versus, seemed to have done so in part because of the strategic potential. The bad news is that a huge portion of the world population in tolstoy's day and had some knowledge of Jesus if only through the church. And Tolstoy thought that presented the potential of tweaking it in such a way that it went from a Deadly false conception to a true life changing world changing perception. James used to have some similar hope. That's long gone. But he has a similar hopes that it creates the potential that among the one in a million whose soul might be brought back to life by being able to show the truth of what Jesus taught as James is becoming more and more able to do increases James odds of helping that 1 in a million. 

Speaking of soul, In just the last several days the concept of bringing a soul back to life has gone from something that intrested James, something for which he had respect, but something that made him too squeamish, to something that is pretty much clear as day. The soul is the limbec system as James understands it. Those cells in between the cerebral cortex and the hypothalamus. And they quite literally have died, been killed, murdered, through apathy at best, and violent abuse more likely.

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