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***** Perineum ball joint, ball bearing, the center of everything. October 15. Solar RV cycling blog.

 James is a bit worried that he will not capture why he has become a cyclist again. It has been too long since he has created a log and conscious competence may have gone

But maybe this is sufficient. 

 The center of the world for the conventional cyclist is the perenium where it meets the hard narrow seat and the lower body naturally Operates in some sort of circular fashion around that joint. And so it is when James is performing well which  recently has been all the time In this semi recumbent trike. 

 always, but especially in stressful situations, the center of the universe must be the perineum ball joint, 2 and a 1/2 inch diameter ball bearing, at the perineum. The body does not fight this but it does not do it naturally at least yet. Much more natural is the thighs toward the knee and the lower legs trying to help out by pressing down hard, which absolutely moves the center of the universe away from that ball joint . But except for a few moments they don't help out and the whole system degrades as they are allowed to be empowered. 

 Several weeks ago as this major progression took place the notion of being in the perenium seat, pressing into the seat , extending into the seat at the perineum was an exciting development and sufficient. All of this important development enabled buy that additional half inch recline of the seat particularly at the upper shoulders. Do not, do not, do not... Forget this.

Similar, achieving similar things, but more sufficient at least to day is the following. 

 A ball bearing 3" in diameter at the perenium, James, that is the center of all activity. 

Press your lower back slightly into the seat which rotates the pelvis slightly upward So that the thighs are slightly more over that ball bearing. Do this in a way that empowers the Muscles At the back of the thigh where they meet the butt cheek. And that empowers the ABS, and the hip flexors I think they're called rice on the upper side of the thigh at the crease where it meets the pelvis.

Empowering all the good stuff discussed in this post serves to disempower the lower legs and the forward size, all of which is extremely desirable.

James, creator gave you abs for a reason Period It seems like whenever anything is not exactly write a best thing to remember is, go to the abs. 

Rpm minimum 90 and more typically 100 is where the power, comfortably, is to be found. Lower rpm the body feels more powerful but sustainable and absolute power is definitely available only above 90 rpm and James body is entirely happy with that. 

Circularity at the ball joint.

Weeks ago it was understood, mistakenly I think, that power should be delivered to the ball joint. I think not. The ball joint, the ball bearing, is the axis around which power is applied.

The body is pretty happy to do all this averaging 250 human watts per hour and almost enjoying the occasional bursts up to 350 and more. 3500 calories a day does not seem to be manageable. That being the cycling output Beyond face metabolism. Can do that for a two or three or four more days but then all of a sudden it crashes. A more reasonable goal seems to be 2500.

An interesting realization in the last day or so is that pedaling Beyond 10 miles per hour is to waste considerable energy fighting the wind drag. The metric seem to bear this out although no detailed study has been done, but pretty sure. Pedaling at 10 miles an hour may increase the efficiency of We The Machine quite a bit. Not important most days but gratifying. There seems to be really a big difference between 10 miles an hour and 12 miles an hour, at 11 and 12 miles an hour wind drag starts to become quite material. Except in rare occasions we would rather have the efficiency versus the speed.

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