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James, being an easy and obvious temptation to rob, or to kill, you must work to avoid. You owe...

James, being an easy and obvious temptation to rob, or to kill, you must work to avoid. You owe... this to the would be abuser. 

 The most frightening night yet in this voyage was spent 20 miles from any
even microscopic town Off the highway but only a 20th of a mile on a fairly well traveled secondary road. The corner was covered with litter in this magnificent countryside suggesting being frequented by The chronically abused and damaged.

It had been a good and very tiring day of travel And James indulged in several strong beers. Not something he is pleased with Nor ashamed. 

The 1st several hours he passed in good deep sleep. .... Beginning about 3:00 in the morning for several hours or more he was quite disturbed by sounds. 

In all likelihood all of the sounds were innocent. There was a cattle crossing apparatus and wheels make lots of sound going over those. The secondary road was a concrete slab road so every 75' the wheels slap and it can be heard from a long distance and hard to identify. 

Native land James should say. Racist? Possible. More likely James thinks it is true that any population ethnic or otherwise that has been chronically abused, financially underclass, and exists in a financially opulent larger culture is a greater risk of seeing temptation in those that are vulnerable and might have resource. Any and every population and it so happens that clearly the native population in this area Is economically under class. 

For James the importance of this was as a catalyst for beginning to think more deeply about the soul, The nature of his work, how he wants to react to the danger of that is in our world and he subjects himself to. This occurred probably 4 days ago maybe 3, and looks to be a useful stimulus. 

 Being fearful is not something that James finds useful in himself or for anyone although as an initial brief impulse it is extremely adaptive and should not Ignored but should never be wallowed in and one can rise above that. 

James did some wallowing that night. He is not beating himself up but it's not something he wants to stay within, but wants to learn to grow beyond. 

 And a useful piece that has come to clarity is, James, it is not your right To carelesly be a temptation to those that might be perpetrators. That is to victimize them. It is not long ago, months maybe that .... The verse in the lords prayer, lead us not into temptation… would of course apply to us as well. Never are we to carelessly lead others into temptation. Never. That's a sin, and error, which is what the word sin means in the Greek. Error.

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