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Cycling. Egg beater. Well, this comes as a major advancement, quite possibly.

building on the log earlier today, the lower extremities at the crotch  began to hint a bit at being like an egg beater. 

As suggested in the earlier log, the
legs really have a hard time bless them giving up on notions of heavy power and leverage with the lower legs. And very understandably they want a model to take its place. 

Egg beater. Now, James did not invent this, the lower extremities found it and presented it to James in action. 

 It is certainly a different kind of power. And it offers none of the physical and psychological satisfaction of banging around with the forward thighs and feet and lower legs. 

But the body does seem to be happy with it and accept it quite fully as a substitute. 

 What does require constant attention is where to rest that egg beater and the answer as per prior posts is the perineum, the imagin'd conventional bicycle seat. 

As James attempts to find an automatic conception that automatically the body responds to so that it remained seated without constant attention, the thought came to James mind that were he on a conventional bicycle for many hours traveling as he did as a child would he imagine doing that standing up? And the I answer that presents itself correctly I believe is, no. Unimaginable. Maybe for very brief Hill climb spurts? Yes but very brief. It makes no sense in a conventional bicycle to expend so much energy standing. 

But exactly that is what the body tries to do in this Tri circle. James' body that is, it tries to have the The petals support. 

But exactly as it does not present itself as an option in a conventional bicycle it should not present itself as an option and is not a viable option in a recumbent. Standing long-term 

The problem is it probably is more sustainable in a recumbent but at the allusion of providing more sustainable power. It does not, anymore then it can in a conventional bicycle. It is a poor use of energy except maybe in an emergency. And it is crippling of the most powerful fluid motion of the legs, egg beater.

But in a recumbent, or in this recumbent, to James' body, the opposit seems to be intuitively correct. 

However, when james had this come to mind today It made sense to the body Very intuitively, immediately, and near completely.

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