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10/16. Luke, use the seat! Use the seat!

Maybe 5 days ago is a post That was extremely important speaking of the absolute benefit of taking the seat, planting in the seat, staying in my seat. And yet for the last several days
James has done this much less acutely. The body was not rebelling but it was not seeking this out and it was seeking out alternatives. And James indulged it. James responsibility. It is really hard to keep this wonderful body in line.

Point being, In part for re reading that blog post, being in the seat no matter what, even decreasing torque, effort, as necessary, Was asserted from the beginning and what a wonderful thing. the body is concerned because staying in the seat at the perineum 1st and foremost near totally different powers The lower legs. Yahoo! But the body has such trouble believing In such an approach. But the approach is correct. 

 After 20 minutes or so this morning of climbing which we began immediately Kaaba something that has been there before when James was working to stay in the seat without exception, emerged but with much greater clarity. 

If James is going to stay in that seat, that imaginary hard conventional bicycle seat, all of his weight they're just as it would be on a conventional by, Well, then whatever forward thrust from the legs must be counterbalanced by something coming back. And this morning that automatically became a fairly distinct Automatic Taking up of the heels, pulling back of the heel Kaaba quite subtle but unmistakable. This serving to sort of suck the tritium into that seat. Even now when James looks at the power while implementing this he does not expect to see 280 W or 300 of watch sustained in a climb, but that's what's their. Point being, this is the sacrifice of nothing except to and golds this wonderful old body in fantasies of where power is when in fact it is not their.

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