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If at first you don't succeed, stands, slime, again. Repeat.

At the present no time to proofread the following.
There are five tires on this wonderful vehicle. One of them is a relative nightmare when a tube needs to be replaced, the rear drive and Brake wheel because it is within the trailer harness and there are other complications of wiring and Cetera for its motor. It is at best a 2 hour and 15 minutes
jobs and often longer. The other four tubes can be replaced in half an hour or less. Several months ago, maybe just a month ago, James had a 100% failure rate in patching any two. And that wasn't a whole lot of times because he just didn't bother trying. What's some number of weeks ago he realized that if it were a skill he could develop that's when that rear tire was punctured it might save him quite a bit of time so he invested a fair amount of time trying to figure it out. Yesterday was the test. Much of this New Mexico Interstate 40 shoulder is very nice. Structurally most of it is very nice. But long patches are Mine Fields of blown-out steel-belted radials which are porcupine quills of Steel yearning to destroy these tires. So much of James attention is as a slalom attempting to avoid Sears tire destroying objects tracks of tire turned with but especially favoring that sexual rear-wheel which takes so long. And he succeeded, until with half an hour to go he did not. It was a particularly nasty pile of Steel and James was tired and distracted and we were punctured.
And he decided to try his skills. And in 45 minutes James and saw we're off and running again. When he awoke it was still solid. 4 2 hours ago on the highway it was not. It was soft. James was and is willing to bite the bullet and replace the tube but is deciding instead to use this a bit more as a learning opportunity. More slime. It went soft again Pump It Up hoping the Slime would take it went soft again. Probably an hour and 15 minutes were spent on the side of the road Stan's no tubes we've been off and running for a good hour now. Time will tell. One frustrating odd element was that James with the tube outfit still around the axle see tube with air and was unable to detect where the leak was. There didn't seem to be any. But most certainly there was.

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