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Egg beater, James, be it, don't do it, be it.

Very important post yesterday of important new discoveries. Good journey so far today that taught an important subtlety. It is being the egg beater with the legs not the much more obvious to James nervous system of doing the egg beater with
his legs. The latter can be done with quite a few badd habits. The former, being the egg beater, is more likely to invoke what's needed. A loss of control. An egg beater is a whirling Dervish but a very effective thing. There is a necessary loss of control To this. which is directly a freedom to the Lower legs and where they connect to the torso to use their abilities, imagination, creativity, intuition, to be that egg beater with what that would feel like.

Cycling continued. Another evolution of some import yesterday. It may be that the perineum how's the absolute seat of James weight is the correct answer but as yesterday evolved a thing of that concept evolved. 

An egg beater requires a base. All of the weight of an egg beater sits on its bottom and everything whirls around that. Again, the perineum may be the absolute correct answer but what began to evolve yesterday that also seemed more than acceptable was The idea being of all of James' weight off of the legs and that could be achieved just as well by an additional delivering deliberate leaning back so that the entire back was Completely supported in its weight on the back of this recumbent seat. It is not clear that that is superior or even equivalent but it seemed extremely satisfactory. 

The enabling and triggering thought that must be brought to mind to empower either of these strategies is the recollection that no longdistancec cyclist for other than the briefest of spurts would think of trying to maintain their weight off of the saddle. Except for how painful that saddle can be. But aside from that it is intuitively obvious that they want all of their weight , there static wait, gratefully held by that narrow seat and all of their propulsion comes from muscles working around that base in a circularity. 

And a 3rd important refinement. And it probably ties with the notion of being an egg beater rather than doing an egg beater. As the day progressed yesterday James moved from being an egg beater toward doing an egg beater and part of that was a center of focus moving from the crotch area Out outward on the thighs. It did not seem to be a terrible mistake but so much of what poor James has learned over the months and years is that any empowerment, any centering, outbound on the thighs Sets up a near uncontrollable temptation . Gateway drug. So unless and until compelling evidence arises to the contrary this is not something that James will easily do

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