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Get off my property the store manager snarled at James. James, make of your life, every breath, treatment of creation, treatment for of the health of the soul of creation.

 Several months ago This thought occurred to James, the important meaning of treat, treating, treatment , as apply to people, how did you treat that person. 

The hidden and profoundly correct and ultimately important meaning which has never earlier been obvious or apparent to James Is that we are the most important treatment, thinking medically, we are the most important treatment that the others in our life can receive. We are We can't avoid being exact treatment, it is unavoidable. All we can influence is whether it is toxic or health producing. 

And James in the mission that he for greed embraces, to try and nurture another soul back to life or to greater strength, when this notion of treatment returned yesterday or the day before it was extremely welcome as a means of focusing, informing, and intensifying his work. 

What else would he want to be, what else should he want to be, than every breath the most powerful constructive treatment for the soul of others, after treating his own with the same medicine, that he could possibly be? Such an empowering idea for him. 

 This concept was heightened in James consciousness when About 5 days ago at a lone truck stop gas station, a relatively small, way out on the land, when he was greeted in this crowded store 1st thing in the morning, having spent the night near parked safely on the periphery, get off my property. Said by a middle aged blonde haired female such that everyone in the store would hear. Get off my property. This was pretty shocking and James was not prepared at all. There is a back story but not remotely does it justify her behavior. 

Hey, James has a very definite head and flesh and yes they wanted to lash out In return for this intended pain and humiliation. Immediately the thought came to James cerebral cortex and Soul that his purpose is to be a brain doctor of the specialized part of the brain called the soul. 

 Bringing this immediately to mind within a nano 2nd did not bring to mind what he should do, very sadly. He was not prepared. He is not prepared for such situations curiously. 

but it did bring to mind what he should not do, what he did not want you do, which was to lash out, hate begets hate his doctor  King rightly said.. And he did not lash out. He was pleasant. And after buying coffee which she said he could do, ", if you will pay for it. She was really on a roll. Immediately he let her know that he would be exiti g the property after packing up, which he did. 

But it certainly let James know what he was not prepared for, and what he wanted to be prepared for. 

He has thought about this incident quite a bit. And is still at a loss which he does not expect to be largely filled as to how to be a constructive treatment to such a brain damaged, soul damage, creature. But he can improve. And working on the concept of, James, how can you be optimal treatment in such a situation, is a wonderful starting point. 

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