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These shoes look previously owned, does that affect the price, James asked? Reese said, try them on and see if they fit first....

 At least eight times if not a dozen James has checked Amazon where previously he has succeeded in purchasing clipless cycling shoes. But along with all other  bike parts the flood of cycling purchases with the beginning of covid has emptied the pipeline and just nothing suitable is available.

James has been able to keep cycling because of some wonderful bike shops but they're not all great, some of them are really snooty, enough, that James finds it distasteful and he tries to avoid them.

pedaling for many hours every day he has wanted to replace the cycling shoes that burned up with the rest of Sol. 

In this town here in Tennessee he would not have guessed it was a cycling Mecca but he noticed a bike shop on the right hand side and chose to stop in.

A cheerful young man emerged from the back, and listened carefully as James explained he was looking for an affordable pair of clipless shoes that he could wear all day long.

Within moments Reese had me trying on $100 pair which James knows is a very affordable price point. But Reese said, I'm going to go in the back and see what else we have. 

The ones I was trying on were very acceptable but they lacked the tread for all-purpose shoes but they were fine.

Though they were a little bit narrow, though the socks I was wearing were a bit thick because it was cold up in the mountains two days ago.

Try these on if you like, Reese said. Only with casual interest, because they looked like great shoes, James said, they look previously used does that affect the price? He was eagerly trying them on as he asked. See if they fit and then we'll discuss it. 

perfect James said. 

They're yours, Reese replied. I like what you're doing. I like your vehicle.

Among the followers of Jesus they said, if you would follow what Jesus said it's going to cost you everything material in life, everything. But it will give you a hundredfold in this life, and I'm certain what they meant was, the few lives Souls will be found much more frequently. What a joy.

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