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Just stopping to admire your rig, like everyone else, he said....

 Just stopping to admire your rig, like everyone else, he said.... this turned out to be the proprietor of the Appalachian Trail hostel just a hundred yards from where I was sitting looking to figure where I would spend the night. I mentioned that to Dave and he said, hey, Park in my lot. Later on he said, oh breakfast? Yes we serve it to those in the hostel, come in, they'll be no charge. I'll pay, I said. They'll be no charge Dave said. Later on having done some work on Sol, sometime was spent looking at tomorrow's itinerary, and there's a national park sort of thing that caught my attention, 3000 ft climb which is the equivalent of 30 mi in and of itself, 14 miles on the odometer. A lot of traveling and not toward Northern Washington. But nature is where Creator is so I asked Dave. Oh, it's one of the three best views in the country, or maybe he said the East Coast. Something like six feet shorter than Mount Washington. A whole different world up there he said. If it's clear. Which it may not be tomorrow. But I think that's what we'll do. It will take all of the energy that Sol has to give, and James. Will be empty when we get up there. But the entire ride to Johnson City the next day is basically free, 37 miles, but roughly 42 MI worth of of kinetic energy to be harvested. And of course we have the generator. Did quite a bit of preventive maintenance on SOL, but there's not much required anymore. Khanh has built such a miraculous machine, truly lovely.  Spoke briefly with a fellow that has walked the country and back, and north and south as well from coast to coast, Clinton, on an anti-suicide walk, and his magnificent partner Watonga.

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