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Cycling 1, eureka: Sol and James yesterday had the best day ever. The new benchmark.

 James May spend two or three or four hours today transcribing the long voicelog of the body mechanics and technique that made this ride so incredibly spectacular, primarily to try and burn it into his own nervous system so it is repeatable, 2 embed the lessons learned, and also to make it available should anyone else be interested.

This is really Nirvana body technique vehicle really a wonder watching this wonderful ride with GPS app the grade and I dialled in the steepest part of this ride which is 9.3% Hello much this 8 mile stretch is 7% and James is music this vehicle as a bike which is what is always wanted to do never have the technique or assisted power arrangement that would let him do that so he is now almost exactly on 9% and he is Providing about 2:50 human watch per mile is checking this almost incessantly add an RPM or a cadence which he has not been watching carefully but And 50 is probably the output hes maintained for the last chap hour or hour the degree of effortlessness is almost beyond belief James is carrying 20% of this 750 pounds or 800 pound payload and letting sahle carry his own weight he is not using the throttle or the adjustment mechanism at all just as a bike so just as a bike gearing that hes using his day novitiate the sum I mechanical hearing wonderful device And ES achieving all this with technique and conscious competence beyond what hes ever had building on everything hes been learning and discussing in recent logs of this nature so is mental imagery is vision is that There is a object about read inches out from the crease of the buttocks slightly elevated from where the bucs is and the mission is to keep gentle but firm pressure on that object so it is rolling up the Hill so it is not rolling pressure but hes trying to maintain What is trying to maintain pressure so that the rolling continues and therefore constant pressure and the rapid use of the davinci with instantaneous Lisa pressure from peddling each time eventually is advanced sometimes every couple of seconds releasing pressure to minimise stress on the cable Back otherwise can fray and break pretty regularly and that's just not necessary anyway using the Vinci as the secondary means of maintaining pressure on that underside of the fide Jewish is up from the crease and the primary measure unnecessary gigantic e-discovery The primary measure of maintaining that pressure is the uprising by and the quick twitch muscles in the crease area on top and out on top of the size a couple 3 maybe 4" against dangerous out there And the relative effortlessness not to be confused with effortless Which relative to what James says been doing most of the time for years a relative effortlessness is almost unbelievable well yes tomorrow it will be almost impossible for James to believe in recreate will see so systems and obviously to James enormously counter intuitive What can we are maintaining an outlook Between the Shares to keep the feet pressed into oh straps as opposed to annoyingly trying to pull out and/or to getting business that is not theirs which is to pull down out mechanically they watch for our electric is between 7 and 800 well between 680 and 800 But for the most part it's in the probably 727 130 range Western running all day on the 2 cyclones on the theory that pose would provide the greatest efficiency in this climbing mode that they hub motor at such a lower PM for it would be Doing little besides generating heat and almost certainly well know certainly that's the case and maybe it would have forced us to stop by climbing into the dangerous 110゚C range a holy Grail of this vehicle always has been to enable it to be truly used by as a bicycle by James that's what hes interested in bicycle that has a tremendous carrying capacity And that's exactly how it's being used today and the gearing is such that on 9% grade which is the steepest grade almost ever encountered it is entirely manageable at a acceptable cadence really wonderful cadence currently probably 90 plus and this whole journey 90 plus right now are doing 4 miles an hour on probably 7 maybe 8% grade the lowest I think we've been on the 9% rate was 3 miles an hour and on 10 or 11 Reeve and 12% raid I suspect we could stay which aims carrying all of his weight above 11% there is a likelihood that It would have to dial in more than 4 watch from Sol for every walk but he puts out which means he no longer be carrying his own wage to be able to maintain his necessary cadence of A085 or 90 per minute to avoid too much stress on Brush off tissues in the knees and ankles so that's not terrible but what's wonderful is here going over the Appalachians about a steep as one confined it is exactly like a bicycle just as James would want it's a dream just a dream a bicycle in every true respect to the cyclist Back in Perry 600 pounds in addition to the writer O wonderful thing what a wonderful thing however James is only travelling half miles an hour right now O my goodness what a terrible thing for this magnificence forest climb O my what a treasure

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