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Tears in his eyes, you're doing an awesome job, Dennis said.

 this outside the borderline poverty gas station Convenient store. A large slice of pizza James had just purchased, fuel after several hours of cycling. Glad James was and surprised to see that the very
attractive proprietor, presumably and operator, was a very handsome African American woman. James stereotypes of the segregated bigoted South? Several interactions with older white customers James got to witness while briefly in the store which were entirely relaxed and collegial and non bigoted. Proving nothing, but a surprise to James anyway. 

Outside at the vehicle in the dirt parking lot James was ingesting the pizza. The 1st ask about the vehicle was a mid seventies Slightly rotund good old boy white guy who could not have been more genuinely nice and pleased with what he saw in the vehicle. Shortly afterwards a late twenties slightly rotund African American man and his white female companion came over, what a nice soul. Very respectful questions humbly asked. James was so glad of the interaction. Upon hearing of James possibility of self emulation he was appropriately distressed. Sir, if you have reached the moral clarity of being willing to do such a thing we cannot afford to lose you. It seemed very honest, genuine, humbly put forward. I gave him my respectful disagreement. But if and when my soul asks this then gladly James will do it. Pulse is not life, alignment with, surrender to our soul, that piece of creator within us is where of the joy is and what life is. he very respectfully heard this and then again voiced his disagreement. But he did hear it. 

Toward the end of this conversation a late fifties bearded white man came over probably 5' 4 in stature. .... I love your vehicle he said. You're doing an awesome job he said. Tears in his eyes. What was on his mind? James can only guess. But it seemed positive it seems his soul was touched. God blessed me so let me bless you and he handed me $4. Judging from his attire , where he was shopping, where he was walking to, $4 is a lot of money to this man. James gratefully and humbly accepted the contribution. 

I think hes the one that said, welcome to Arkansas. James replied, people seem to be really nice here. Some are, some aren't he said. James replied, that's sort of like everywhere. 

James is remembering when he began his unexpected trip to standing rock From North Carolina through much rural poor white country. Hey remember his surprising perception that came to him, that in the south  if you needed help it is far more likely that you would get it, it is far more likely that he would get killed here. true then, and true now. But the more likely to be killed by one of them does not take precedence in James mind over a childlike sweetness more likely to be seen in a population like this Which is the Hall mark of soul.

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