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For you, dinner is free. WTF?

 Arrived James did after a nearly 4000 calorie trip at and all you can eat Asian buffet In his destination town. He was told upon entering that yes there was a seat by a plug so he said thanks so stay, and out he went to retrieve his huge cooler of batteries that ways a ton, and his back pack of chargers. James
attempts each time to be as discreet as possible so as not to alarm the proprietor which they should not be but easily could be. And once again this seemed to have been successful.

These establishment are an incredible blessing for James work. Always somewhere around 10 bucks for all you can eat, the food delicious, a tremendous assortment including vegetables and fruits and often sushi. And lots of things for desert more calories which he needs. 

 Often the attendants and management in these establishments are of course oriental and often by American standards not particularly pleasant. This staff was extremely pleasant and even kind it seemed .  

A rather large parking lot it was and James parks a vehicle way off to the side simply because that seemed like the safest spot. Therefore it is not at all clear that the staff would have seen it. But his guess is that someone must have. 

 As in an odd sort of way with a smile on her face this Asian proprietor or manager said free and James Expressed genuine amazement and mild objection, don't worry about it she said. And wrote free on the check. As she was doing this in a rough sort of fashion, she pointedly looked at the inscription on my chest, a cross, for joy serve those poor souls in solidarity. 

What's going on? Had she heard about the journey? Did she like someone Wearing the cross? Did they see the vehicle and look up the website? James will never know. Did some other customer have the positive impression and pay? Seems unlikely because the check was written free and the manager said nothing of the sort. But James does think it was positive.

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