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2.25.20 Cycling Variety of important related notes.

Cycling Variety of important related notes. 

Item. round heavy object between the knees is back. It is mechanically real derive from the circularity of all the other mechanical elements 

 item. Rotating that heavy object. That is the task, to find its current rotation, it is heavy, and to add energy to that period 

Item. Adding energy where? Adding energy not at the initial point of attack possible, but along what effectively are the sides from that period This maybe a relatively gigantic discovery. And it may be for lack of understanding this set so many months and years have passed since Iowa pretty 

Item. The notion of a fast trot Mention 1st the other day continues to be helpful, not dominant or determinative but helpful. 

  item. Extremely important. Emerge yesterday or the day before. Complete relaxation of the lower leg So that it allows direct firm contact 360゚ At the knees with the round circular objects that they are. The needs are. A form that object. But any tension in the lower legs Reduces that direct contact. Game changing. The following item made this discovery or re discovery possible. 

Item. As mission within the last week, the Recognition of the following mechanics, following the canaco truth, have proved instrumental. If the knees are an object roiling in a circular manner Then the pedals must be receiving pressure, the petals must be rotating also. therefore can be virtually and should be virtually ignored. Profoundly enabling.  it is not intuitively obvious. But now that it is brought to mind it is tremendously empowering of really good things.

Cycling continued. Also crucial. James, you cannot go back. If you have allowed momentum to decrease, velocity of rotation to decrease. if you have allowed that don't pretend other wise. You're only break and overexert yourself. Recalibrate, gracefully accept your new velo city of rotation and work from there. everything else, your natural inclination is destructive fantasy. Nothing to be gained everything to be lost. Be honest with Where You Are.

Item. Remembering that the objects that gives the news is constant velocity unless the vehicle is dramatically changing in speed.

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