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2.16.20 Iowa. A final piece of the riddle. Maintaining vehicle momentum, to minimize electrical input.

 Without the miracle of momentum idea the miracle of Iowa would not have happened. James and sol had not a fraction of the battery or motor capacity that we now have, less than half. Nor the wall outlet AC recharge ability nor technique and comfort and strategy. So everything leading up to Iowa and after was a zealous and enjoyable fascinatione and attempt to maximize miles per electrical watthr and because of this it was realized that , And realized after a year or more of moving the vehicle, it was realized that to optimize efficiency meant minimize even the smallest loss of momentum because regaining physical momentum and the vehicle is extremely costly. Even then we were probably a 800 pounds total. 

So the notion of momentum was extremely real in that sense Find a wonderful natural motivator of James once it became clear in the final day I think leading up to Iowa Where he wanted the veh and himself to show well as an honest means of transportation in 

 It may or may not be that in this log James recalls what yesterday and today rocket back. I just might not remember. What it came back It came back. And for the last hour and a 1/2 or 2 James has explored Having that idea of maintaining the minute momentum, inertia , of sol At all times. And it has when it so today at least a wonderful natural intuitive motivator and informer of the body. So many of the goals spoken out in recent weeks and months and years are just naturally harnessed by this so Chris lock today and the experience today does not supplant anything of the logs in recent weeks there is no. It affirms them and it adds alongside them a wonderful means, a simple idea, but does so much to make Because so much to make all those wonderful conceptions naturally happen.

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