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Dialogue on Facebook today regarding getting Trump out of the White House.

S. I know someone who actually spent a very long time in front of the White House. James Mcginley might have some helpful advice…

Jm. Trump and his goons are a proud International Crime Mob and they love nothing more than to torture and kill people. The Millions would have to welcome the torture and murder he would unleash on them deputizing his assault weapons toting mob. And Ice. They both believe that they've won, and I think correctly, and they know that if they lose its
prison. So this is a fight to the death now. And for that reason I suspect that it will all happen without a whimper. This is a vastly more corrupt, Soul dead world in 2020 then during the Civil Rights Movement. There are no available consciences out there even for a million in Washington to rise up. When you and I first that's in Washington DC I was appalled at people giving up on the big fight. Whether or not I was correct then the big fight is long lost. But there is still the potential joy of the rare Soul here or there and downstream to fight for. That's where you'll find me.

Wg. James Mcginley I seriously doubt the Park Police or Capitol Police would cause much trouble. We know Trump loves to break any law in front of him, which he would be doing by calling in ICE. As far as the National Guard which he could call, I’m not sure how much trouble they would cause, either. Especially, at this point with over 75% of the country wanting witnesses at the Senate Impeachment Trial. Besides, there are always young guys willing to to sacrifice for right, like antifa.

The last ditch strategy would be to call a National General Strike for Nov 4 after he “wins” re-election.

JM. Wg before the election, I agree, but only something like a national general strike and shutting down the Washington DC metropolitan area would even make a dent. After the election which he will win by cheating or refuse to leave office then all restraints are off.

 unless you want to walk in blindly through a meat grinder I hope you are well-versed in all of the current writing of Chris Hedges and secondarily Noam Chomsky.

S. Wg Antifa will cause serious trouble by violence which could allow blaming of  you all.

JM. The Republicans declared Trump King yesterday. Is a whole new ballgame in this country. It is a whole new ballgame in Washington DC. It is a whole new ballgame on Earth.

I see only three chances and they are at best Hail Mary passes which are extremely unlikely to happen. Taking the Senate away from McConnell and the Republicans. The Nationwide general strike until Trump is gone regardless of how many he has killed and tortured. Enough young children, as happened in the Civil Rights Movement, being at the Forefront of the battle putting their bodies on the line, as in the Civil Rights Movement, that finally their parents get off the f****** sidelines and join the non violent fight. Republicans are killing their children's future, killing their own children with the proliferation of guns. Care about you and your children? You think they would hesitate to kill them?

S. Yeah. I've told my children to dissociate from me on FB, but really they could find them and the grandkids pretty easily. Might be better than dying of starvation though.(Hoping the kids aren't reading this.) (They won't be anywhere near the front lines unless something major changes.)

Wg. James Mcginley How on Earth would you expect Americans to go on a National General Strike before the election. I don’t think anything less would motivate them, an even then, I doubt his stealing the election would. They think they can safely stay home on their electronic screens and the Fascist GOP won’t touch them.

S. Wg The question is, how many people need to strike, and how many show up at the White House, in order to make a difference. I bet Chenoweth's book would help answer that question.

JM. S had I've been on the Titanic I hope I would have had the decency and Humanity to realize the point at which it was going to sink and turn my efforts to trying to help the quality of life or one or of one or two that not yet physically perished. Tragically This Global Titanic is going to sink much much more slowly so I really think our work is to show us how to live, to Pioneer and show, how to live, a joyful quality of life while that Titanic sinks. And the essence of that salvation is to learn to care so much more about the quality of life of others that we really transcend our sensitivity to our own risk, our own pain, our own torture, our own death. These are not clever or original ideas from me. But few have taken the time to study them in others.

Wg. James Mcginley Not so slowly. With major Antarctica melt, little sea ice in the Arctic, and megaton methane releases,  I believe we are going to start seeing major changes in the next few months.

JM. Wg it would be more merciful if it could be as fast as the Titanic but it could be mid-century that organized so-called organized civilization is no more. But there will be survivors poor bastards for Generations. So cruel that people are bringing new children into the world. But for my own conclusion, James, be informed by all this but let it fuel your work to try and show how the survivors now and in the future can have a joyful quality of life. And that's what I spend every breath trying to do.

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