Dangerous ride tonight. Arrival by 8:30 if we are lucky.

Nitriding is not recommended, poor visibility. But we've got mechanical problems. The rear Rim blew another tube. Ruined another tire. A bike shop in Memphis a hundred miles ahead Will Repair it on Friday or Saturday if necessary. Pressing ahead.

A large working-class man walked past my table and the check disappeared without a word.

This as James grabbed a quick lunch at the World Class $7 Asian buffet he passed unexpectedly today.
James got up and walked to the cashier counter where the man stood and James offered his hand which the man took. Bless your soul James said. Thank you for what you're doing the man said.

Interesting developments. Scrambling gently with the miniscus of the knee. Or whatever that soft part is called.

Not a badd start today and not great. But not bad. Scrambling was immediately in mind and not rebellion but some difficulty in finding it. 

Item. The up stroke of the scrambling was forgotten for many many minutes. So the scrambling only barely occurred. When the up stroke of each scramble attempt was brought to mind that helped quite a bit. 

Item. Most useful developments came in stages over the course of about the 2nd 45 minutes of the journey. 

 Among the benefits it after a while caused the body to realize that reclining the shoulders way back helps lift the center of this natural scrambling motion up to a midpoint which is far more sustainable and less asymmetric. 

The word struggle and stirring try to intrude and displace scramble and James is resisting this. scramble seems to much more aptly hold on to the ideal of something chaotic but wonderful. And it suggests to James nervous system the advantages of a rapid action as opposed to slower. 

Having said that this stirring with the manicis seems to be sustainable at less then extremely high rpm which is a nice option. 

At least so far today James is attempting to not overstress things. It does not seem like there is a lot of stress or even much stress on the muniscus and the notion of using them to scramble causes a centering by keeping thighs  within boundaries as opposed to reaching out and bumping up clumsily against those boundaries. 

Yes time will telk on all of this. but it certainly seems encouraging in light of all that has been learned these years.  seems certain like an evolution.


Not yet has a person condemned this mission, this grief and outrage response to what we are doing to Children trying to immigrate to this country from the South America we have destroyed. This is shocking to James but correct.

Friday rain. It will be a day of rest or a day of great Danger.

It is very dangerous to try and move Saul in the rain because of no windshield wipers, very poor visibility. It is hoped that the Walmart will be glad for us to stay not just one night for two nights in the parking lot. If so there is a library where the date can be spent catching up on about a dozen overdue post transcriptions and other work.

A better day saul and I never have had. Scrambling To maintain tight relationship with the scrambling knees scrambling to maintain a relationship with the scrambling petals.

Is not an attempt at a word salad here. These words are pretty descriptive of the best day sol n I have ever had. All it would seem due to the concept of scrambling. 

 Over the years James has come close to this kind of productive day with saul And that it was the absence of the concept that scrambling is the ideal

One of the sweetest encounters that James has had in his entire years. Such a privilege. Such a joy.

A month ago a wonderful suggestion came to James by a special T parts supplier that he finally met in Oklahoma City. James, if you had a small electrical generator gas driven then it could open up some substantial avenues for you the friend said. James looked incredulous and rightly the friend said oh, yes I know you're a purist. Well James is not a purist. Not that it would matter but he isn't. And

Hunger strike to stop Global Extinction


Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Clinton, Clinton, Obama, Obama, Bezos, Barr, Biden, McConnell, Musk, Gates,.....

This poor old body. How has it been able to do this? And we can't stop right now. Weather, holiday traffic, the lack of places to stay.

Ready or Not, Mississippi and Ohio rivers here we come.

 By late morning we should know. A local said that the traffic over these Bridges is very low contrary to what another source had said. Hopefully today is source is correct. And encouragingly Google thinks it's okay for a bike. We'll see.

Cycling. Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend?!?! Dear, they don't exist.

 James, if you are looking for a normal way to move sol , or the 400 pounds of you and soul that you move every day for between 4 and 8 hours, if you are looking for a normal sane relaxed understandable way of doing that, well, it doesn't exist. 

And this for the last 5 or 6 days is what you had


Attempted crossing of the Mississippi looks like Tuesday.

At best moving Saul is torture. But the alternatives are much worse. Video blog

And presumably their parents stand on the sidelines as did my parents generation when their children stood against dying in the evil horrible Vietnam War. We are....

And presumably their parents stand on the sidelines as did my parents generation when their children stood against dying in the evil horrible Vietnam War. We are.... totally failed species. When parents abandon their children who are fighting just lie that is a failed species. The parents choose their comfortable place in society over their children's very lives. And certainly over their children's future. With few exceptions having a child is simply a form of selfish entertainment when they are young and then they become dispensable.

Actual video of James cycling today

Shut up re rev, keep dying of preventable oligarchs rape, and let your planet be destroyed. Your corporate slave, Barack Obama


A day from hell. It did not kill us. Though it tried. We grew.

For the first four hours today James knew absolutely nothing about how to move this vehicle, he was exhausted, his body is sore, it was immensely frustrating.
Rear drive tire tube exploded twice within 5 MI. The second time upon closer examination it was seen that the impossible has happened. The extremely rugged Tire bead had separated show the tube was poking out and exploding. 3 hours lost repairing all this. Not sure why the tire failure but several theories. Too much weight on that tire. The horrible roads on that first day in Arkansas. Rim damage which may have caused cutting of the tire bead, damage from when so had to be rolled a mile and a half into the truck stop a week ago. But we are still on schedule for crossing the Mississippi On Wednesday. Some of the pressure for meeting that day is that Thanksgiving traffic is almost upon us.

General update vlog


If someone or something has me die soon, don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the survivors. No, I have nothing specific in mind. But this is a pretty dangerous Journey.

Part 1 & 2. On the roadside with Charles

Vlog. What I have just heard from you is the reason that I stopped said Charles.

After a 7 or 8 minute exchange on the side of the road where Charles had parked his car ahead, hoping that we would stop.  

If you know James you know that he had the thought, O, A tourist. This as he was already wet in the cold with 4 hours of hard cycling ahead. But if you know James mental objection was fleeting and in hindsight as per usual James was exceedingly glad with the stop. 

rather immediately Charles indicated he had seen the vehicle earlier, had read the messages, and knew that he needed to hear from me. 

Based on that wondered if I would accept a donation. I said yes but then quickly added, not on false pretenses… 


I'm married to a white woman. What you are saying is not b*******.

For some extra planning time on how to get across the Mississippi a relatively short day today and staying at a non brand truck stop which is great.

A very nice mid 40s African American man working the chicken counter helped me determine that it

New plan.

According to some police the bridge up just south of Cairo, not an interstate, vehicles must go at least 40 miles an hour. But that bicycles have done it before and as long as they don't get caught.....

An ounce of expectation on others is a ton of discouragement. 0 expectations in the face of genuine need, extreme encouragement.

If all goes well 7 days until Kentucky. Tennessee is extremely inhospitable to overnight parking, Walmart, gas station, anyplace. The next three nights are also very sketchy.

A gigantic unknown is whether the bicycle pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi at Memphis is wide enough for us. The Arkansas officials never really answered that and they probably don't know for sure. They wouldn't pay attention to such things.


Monumental problem. Where can this vehicle across the Mississippi?

We are currently about a hundred and twenty miles west of Memphis. The goal was to hit the southeast tip of Kentucky but as of tonight James is realizing he has no idea where this vehicle can cross.

Start 1st with what you cannot use, James. each day. Each beginning after every stop. As often as needed.

Start 1st with what you cannot use, James. each day. Each beginning after every stop. As often as needed. 

So many other discoveries in recent weeks and longer accomplish this but in a round about way and un reliably. It may be that this route idea will enable more consistent excellent effective thought free

It is fake news. MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN.... The truth on Palestine? Bolivia? Global incineration... ? Corporate propaganda.