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Turbine more correctly understood.

 An attempt this morning has been to implement speed of roiling To a level of persition That eliminated lopsided thrusting and etc. 

 What has just emerged is that This maybe a combination of several factors when achieved. 

Item. The actual circularity of this closed mechanical system everything from feet locked in
clips on the pedals to AA buttocks that is in fixed position. 

Item. And has just emerged the notion that turbine is a means of establishing a feeling of the circularity at the perineum area That harmonizes well with the idea of fixed velocity roiling. Much more to discover if this remains promising which seems likely. 

Cycling continued. Why has turbine been so difficult to implement when a month ago it was like breathing? The loss of the existence of Constant velocity roiling. An internal intrinsic sort of thing And adjustment of the perceived friction or resistance in that roiling not such that the external velocity Is maintained but so that the velocity of the thing is comfortably maintainable and maintained. 

The alternative is to think that it is the average velocity of the external thing Which invites a Understandable but deadly Phenomenon of edges and forcing and leverage and timing .  

In part to try and explain this phenomenon it's working well today The related concept that in some vehicles like the Mini bike the James had as a spoiled young child There was no mechanical gear linkage. It was a friction clutch and the friction could go to absolute And in fairness most of the travel would occur in that full friction but any transition was in the non absolute relationship where some slippage occurred . This is simply by way of analogy But properly implemented this is probably always what turbine means Always that slippage Which is experienced as friction which is experienced as the feedback that power is being delivered But this now today underlying notion that Constant velocity roiling of the buttocks balls and/or at the perineum is the prime thing to be achieved and that Turbine is a way of enabling the body to achieve and sustain that this is really helpful.

Cycling continued. The magic of Constant speed roiling internal intrinsic. This is not new but it may be newly understood. When it is achieved that the roiling of the buttocks balls perenium area at constant velocity is the sole goal then other things emerge. Mechanical linkage experienced is neither pursued nor desired. But rather this friction sort of interface discussed above. 

Item. A patients develops So as the terrain and elecktronicks Inject relatively subtle changes in resistance either inviting a faster cadence or pushing a slower one As this prominence of constant velocity roiling A sserts itself a patience and tolerance Emerges where the constant speed is of the roiling is maintained at constant velocity and the brief periods of near 0 resistance or slightly greater resistance are tolerated with the inherent understanding that a smoothing will take place largely as the elecktronicks algorithms average in what's going on. 

And it would seem and certainly it is hard to contest mechanically that this Therefore sustainable for a given amount of power output And hopefully and probably relatively low damage to the skeletal muscle and ligament structures. It certainly seems that that may be the case. Part of today's exercise was a search for higher rpm than yesterday in part because the slower rpm of 85 produce no cardio exercise and were as that's fine it probably makes sense that every other day James and saul go for a higher rpm where the heart can receive a little better workout. And that was the goal of today and it is happening. It is still lower than the 100 rpm that seemed pretty effortless and automatic for long stretches but that is not now and it doesn't seem necessary or desirable. Today the rpm are in the neighborhood of 95 and the human output is typically in the range of 240 human W which is more than acceptable. .... 

Item. And although less pronounced than it might be otherwise there is a substantial lack of linkage thank goodness between The buttocks ball apparatus and even the base of the thighs quas I rubber legs and this is as it should be. There must be no mechanical linkage there and by all appearances none is desirable even for short power bursts. 

Item. A summary point regarding the above There is a independent focus on the roiling at constant velocity of the buttox balls which today is in the neighborhood of 95 rpm maybe a little bit higher And a tolerance and even embrace of Any and all linkages certainly mechanical that could inhibit that period and it works beautifully. And it may have been present and yet relatively unrecognized in most or all prior junctures of excellent performance.

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