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Updated. Notes to self regarding hunger strike.

James you have done a lot of these. What should you be remembering with the prospect of one more? 

 Item. How far do you go? Hopefully to the end. Each one you have hoped that. but you didn't. Yes, I didn't. Why. Because my overarching question each breath
then and now is how can I best help another soul And sadly as the days ratcheted up Approaching 50 days or more Your best calculation was, You can help by stopping this you can help more by stopping this and fighting another way. No one's watching. No one cares. Could that happen again? It could, but I hope not. It has never been my desire to die. It has always before been my desire to find that the price of my life could make a substantial difference fully paid in the moment. Time would tell here.

Item. Somewhere around day 5 or so is really tough physically. Probably has been every time maybe as early as 3 days and as late as 11. As near as you can figure this is when the body switches from easily digestible calories Maybe in easy to access fat deposits and when it switches over to less easily digestible tissue like muscle tissue and eventually brain I guess that transition is really really hard. Extreme fatigue. Substantial nausea.. 

Item. Hydrate! Hydrate James. Watch the color of your pee. Watch the frequency. Yes, consuming enough liquids makes things difficult, the logistics of finding a place to pee and something to do with it are quite difficult. But you've been hospitalized on hunger strike for what turned out to be dehydration sickness. Don't do it. no point. Maybe someone will support you with taking away your pee and bringing liquid. Unlikely there it has never happened before. there always miracles. 

Item. Do you take electrolytes and vitamins? Always have before. the theory being that it takes a while to have the slightest prayer of another soul being alerted let alone penetrated by the purest action And your theory has been that electrolytes and vitamins protect the basic faculties brain eyesight Past longer than they otherwise maybe 20 or 30 day terminal range. So probably you'll do this again. 

Item. You will need either reliable support to charge batteries for you so you can be on line largely studying books and/or you will need a portable Solar System Especially solar panel. Probably the latter. Never had support before. 

Item. Weather. This will be Winter of course you've done that period several times. Yes it's hard. But you've learned each time period a good waterproof bivvy. You now have waterproof boots that are insulated. You have a good rain suit. You have multiple layers of clothing. You have probably a suitable sleeping bag. Quite possibly you have pretty much what you need O and you have suitably good gloves. .... 

Item. What about the press? What about organizing? What about exposure? What about leveraging this? What about fundraising…. Lol. These questions dribble out during a hunger strike from people that are passers by. Which is basically a question, Hey, James, I see you're on hunger strike let's figure out what else you can do? Its figure out what else you can do, James? ROFL. To paraphrase Gandhi, my life is my message. Your life is your message. Being on hunger strike, the writings on the blog that have been done Are all that James has to say. Anyone that has a soul that is moved by this will have plenty to study to answer their questions if someone appeared in front of James that had obviously spent that time Their time taking advantage of the material which is there and then had some focused serious questions of course James would be available for that period 

Item. Purpose? James, what is your purpose? How can you know if you would stop without a clear purpose? And without clearly identifying that? That seems unlikely to happen. Best James can tell so far and probably the best it's going to happen is , well, possibly Jesus said something like, I came to start a fire and O how I wish it were raging. The answer to James continuing or exiting will always be in James mind and soul, James do you continue this or do you see a better way to serve a soul? To possibly resurrect a soul? Every breath that the answer is this hunger strike is the best, James continues. Every breath that the answer is this is a better way now James, then that's the answer although there is some level of pause and deliberation when there's a change which is what James is undertaking right at this moment. Pause and deliberation. But looking for absolute clarity and certainty? That's not the way the soul works.

Item. Why hunger strike James? Why now? The most powerful weapon used by those waging love to heal not to wound Evidenced in history is hunger strike. Yes, very little track record that is it's been tried very few times. It frightens people the idea of trying it so well what's the expression, those who want to do something find a way, those who do not want to do something find an excuse. While there has been an avalanche and will be on going of thought and effort in writing and cajoling and encouraging Offering excuses to James and more importantly to themselves. Wood that the invention of dynamite had received a similar treatment but it didn't rather the glimmerings of potential were seen in the 1st experiments and trillions of dollars have been spent To reap the full potential of the horror. The exact opposite happened with the strongest weapon we have Which is taking the most valuable thing that one has, their life, and offering to pay the price of it all in an instant. this is what James has been intrested in this is what he has done on multiple occasion's, and this is what he expects to do again is to make that offer. But isn't there a better way? No not in history. Not in theory. Life is the most valuable thing we have to offer and offering it in a compressed form is the most powerful way of making the offer. There is not another way and on James 400 day plus occupation in front of the Canadian embassy 5 years ago or so culminating in a 40 day hunger strike He said nothing Short of hunger strike by children to the death would have a chance of saving their future. That was true then and it's true now. But James, you are not a child. No, lol, I am me. But I will do with what I have as best I can for the joy of it. I'm too greedy not to do so . too greedy for joy.

Item. Why now James? Why hunger strike to the death now? 

James, what is your better idea? When do you think a better time would be? And what better time to see If the ultimate weapon that you can wage might spark a fire? Then James, are you a liar or it have you really meant this last year that you saw no hope and has anything changed? Nothing is changed. Well one thing has changed. The technical possibility of mitigating huge amounts of the suffering Are even more immediate now. You mean James they were not immediate 5 years ago on your hunger strike against global incineration? Absolutely they were the only thing that's changed is that that was 5 years ago so those 5 years are largely, no, those 5 years are gone. But the tactical fact that there are resources, economic incentive, Knowledge base, technology, window of opportunity remain to mitigate gigantic amounts of the suffering that otherwise are certain. But James you said there's no hope. Yes. But there is possibility, physical technical resource technological possibility. And James To his surprise finds that he probably needs to do what little he can to try and spark the commensurate utilization of that. Is that so hard to understand? I think it's much much much much much much much much harder to understand why tens of thousands are not planning to do the same now for these reasons. But that is to cast aspersions on no 1. The problem is that for 7000 years we have been at war on the soul, on the limbec system, the mammalian brain so that the head and flesh could be in charge and the head and Flesh in charge don't know how to do other than bring us to the brink of our destruction. They simply don't have the circuits not to do it or to step back only to accelerate. And the fact is that the human soul sparked back to life cannot not do everything in its power to try and avert what now is virtually certain. I can't not try it. There's too much joy in the attempt. There's too much suffering certain otherwise. It is very simple. I've done little but study and write and practice this for decades now and no credit to me the clarity has substantially accelerated as evidence than my writings these last 12 Mos or so.

Item. So James, you're abandoning the children that we Americans are destroying by allowing them to be destroyed in these concentration camps here in America? You didn't care about them at all? I have billions of children all the born and who will be born in the future. They are all dying because our souls are frozen to death. our own death and therefore the death of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on. The alive soul which is what Jesus the man gave his life for To rekindle our souls the alive soul is not capable of allowing the atrocities the war crimes to be visited on these children any more than it is able to allow The incineration of our children and grandchildren's planet it cannot allow it that is it can not gladly for the joy of it not pay every price it possibly has at its disposal To mitigate or get in the way of that, it can't not do it so the solution to every human atrocity unfolding and there are An infinite number the solution is the same to reignite soul to resurrect our souls from the dead limbic system the mammalian brain and to put it in charge. One can hope to harness the Sun to start a fire If they have a little bit of resources and  will try and think of a good way to do that To find an unshaded spot and to see if one can procure a magnifying glass, could be a reasonable approach. Global incineration Is the best lens that James can see right now To have the remotest possible chance of starting that fire in our souls to rekindle our souls to melt our souls to resurrect our souls. I don't think that's hard to understand and I think it's pretty hard to… nono, it's impossible to argue with except for what was said before when we want to achieve results we find a way And when we want to avoid participation we find an excuse. it is from that vantage point that 1 could argue with what James is saying. Would Gandhi argue with James? That's a reasonable question and there's much known about Gandhi where one could Digest and Bring to bear what Gandhi learned to answer that question, would Gandhi argue with James? Would Jesus? Martin Luther King, Jr. ? They would not. they would not argue with James. Would to God they were here to offer alternative thoughts to brainstorm. And they are in books and James continues to steep himself in those, others could do the same, that's too much work and it has too much risk of removing us from our excuses. 

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