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Notes to James. What could be a final cycling log.

 A good journey this 1st several hours. 

What is at play? 

Item. If it doesn't feel Like turbine, if it feels not like turbine In the Pelvic area You're not doing it right. If there is lopsided power within the cycle, too much power, too much attempted power each cycle within the cycle those are all problems. turbine is relatively high rpm a 100 or above and week amazingly so throughout every rotation. 

Item. Roiling. If it does not feel essentially chaotic but rather feels structured in some way you're doing it wrong. Sometimes it feels very cyclical round but that's only in the highest level of coordination it seems but if it feels structured and points each cycle up-and-down each cycle or anything like that it is not turbine it is not roiling. you can do it. 

 Yesterday was not badd But nor was it great. The focus that James had was on feeling all energy on the premium roiling on the premium which previously weeks ago had been really really useful. It wasn't bad but nor was it particularly helpful. But also days ago the fact that something does rotate the  joints down in the buttocks they do rotate there's no other option when that was brought to mind and Gently helping those roll forward and back The other points including those above became possible and began to fall into place. Incidentally. The metrics are not huge this journey this morning but acceptable very acceptable. 220 230 240 with little or no attention most of the time required. Auto pilot. 

Item. The use of PID envelope on this mildly rolling road is really helpful. Particularly in as much as it at allows us to be on auto pilot. 

Item.  what about spaghetti legs? That was really really a euphoric encounter several days ago per the log But yesterday and today It was not at all in the thinking Which isn't to say that it was not in place It probably is but achieved with the points above better than bringing spaghetti legs directly to mind. If James were to guess the big thing is grasping what is not easy to bring to mind the next day that Being turbine Is absolutely instrumental.

Item. Equalibrium, constant speed buttoxball roiling.

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