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Solar RV cycling log September 23rd period a new world, a new benchmark, a new level. A new ball game.

The mythical but real Iowa must have been an approximation of the following principles, the same principles itemize these recent days
and continually confirmed now. But it is thought that the new understanding is more effective, more correct, it is not a sphere at the knees it is a tiny sphere pivot at the groin. It is thought that this is much more anatomically Urga nomic Li physiologically correct, sustainable, repeatable , and recoverable if somehow James recollection is wiped. 

Item. At high cadence it is a 1" sphere maybe an inch before below the groin toward the knees and toward the bottom side if not at the very bottom surface of the the thighs. At lower cadence, 70 or so or lower, it can be quite a bit larger it seems, up to 3 or 4" in diameter, And as much as 2 or 3" toward the knees from the grind. 

Item. 360゚, every instant participation with the momentum of that circular object even if surprisingly gently . 

 The item is circular. 

Item. The body seeks a cadence sustained all day long of 90 or above. This feels normal and natural. It is what it wants to do. And at that it is averaging, well, metrics below. 

 item. The rising thigh is the quarterback of all this period The rising fi is what enables the every moment 360゚ involvement with the object. It enables the object to stay low instead of rising, it allows the constant connection, participation in the momentum, nothing else happens without this period

What's going on here? 

Item. The central pivot is of course at the groin physically. This can't be question. Somehow in years it is only now announcing itself to James as the place of efficiency sustainability effectiveness and sustained power. Not the knees as has been long thought. They were just a more effective means of Living within the mechanics of the groin then  James had otherwise thought of period 

Item. It is guessed that the abdomen, the stomach muscles, are now engaged as never before period Which means a whole powerful complex of muscles is now brought to bear on the challenge. 

Item. It is also guessed that by this totally knew keeping the object low , the underside of the Thai, Even as far back as the crease of the buttocks and the Thai, is a way of keeping the extremely powerful glutimous maximis engaged.

Cycling continued. Item. This is a marker, not a goal. It cannot be sought directly, but it is something that if awhere helps confirm whether the uprising Thai is being deployed properly. There is a slight suction sort of sensation on the underside of the Fae. Again, this is simply a marker, a Hall mark, that he guessed that the uprising by is being properly deployed as quarterback such as to maintain every instant engagement with the small object under the thigh back toward the buttocks, to help keep things low. 

Item. The quarterback role by the Thai is not linear . So what has been reported as average 80 or 90 or 100 human W per hour one can double. There are several item still the call the slightly into question, particularly the Callery calculation which even if James and fit that correctly identifies himself as 225 pounds, the 25% of the payload he is carrying now, it still gives a calorie readout Just slightly more than half of what the calculation, 3.6 times the number of measure to w equals calories. But on the other hand, it seems extremely unlikely after these years of cycling and substantial effort that It takes 4 or 5 of James to move this 1000 pound payload at 10 miles an hour. Sure, to accelerate, to climb a 3 or 45% grade, but on reasonably level ground? James can't be that week. A cross country cyclists will be carrying 70 or 80 pounds as is James, covering 70 miles today, and averaging 10 or more miles per hour. James is old but a pretty dam good athlete. The metrics up until this week would suggest that he can't do half that period he could barely carry 2/3 of his weight at that performance? That's just doesn't make sense. Yesterday where there was a substantial wind disadvantage at times Not at other times but probably a 10 or 15% drag over all, James carried 25% of this 900 or 1000 pound payload. That is roughly equivalent to the cross-country cyclist. It just doesn't make sense that he can't do that. 

Cycling continued. Item. Amplitude, diameter of the circular object at less than 90 rpm and higher force requirements it does seem more than acceptable to go to a higher diameter. 

Item. The object is a sphere and the usefulness of that is that it causes the nees to B more together which reduces wobble and other asymmetric asymmetries. It has not yet become a pitch will but is quite easily achieved when brought to mind. 

Item. The notion of circularity is fundamental and necessary to eliminate the understandable attempts by the body to exert force and find edges of leverage this is never ever ever ever ever ever helpful or permitted and when they are sensed as happening anyway Bringing to mind that the object is very low, bottom of the flies toward the growing, and circular the body knows what to do with that and in gravitating towards circularity. 

Item. Participation in the momentum, James, not just contact. It was not at all catastrophic forgetting this for the 1st 2 hours today which were very good in every respect, but what a blessing when it was recalled and implemented. It improves every aspect, efficiency, sustainability, smoothness, power,.... . 

 More is to be learned about the circular object but for this last extremely gratifying our it was a one and a 1/2 inch   sphere right in that sort of hollow area at the base of the groin where the butt cheeks meet the thighs. James is not trying to place this object, he is trying to find where it is most real. And this seems like a significant discovery including the skeletal bio physics aspects.

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