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September 24. Solar RV cycling blog Fabulous error correcting. Very encouraging.

 The principles discussed these recent days not only are holding but they are proving substantially more robust and subject to error correction than any time in memory. 

This was a difficult journey. In large
part As it comes on top of a 70 mile day yesterday, At least 1200 human W which is at least 50% more than any time in the last year. So the point being the body is fatigued although shockingly it is not limp. This makes everything more difficult to implement of course. It wants to use other muscles, it wants to cheat, it wants a way out. Poor thing.

And on top of that at the wonderful wonderful little cafe where for $4.50 2 huge pancakes were secured, some fuel for yesterday, 3 fellows asked about the vehicle and it turns out they were part of the large construction crew working on the stretch of road 10 mile South of this cafe. And yes that's just where I was headed. We spoke at some length. They were concerned with problem solving and problem avoiding. Anyway, yes, it was a really messy 7 mile stretch Where saul had to go very slowly, anywhere from 2 and a 1/2 to 8 miles an hour because it was so bumpy. And very distracting. And much of the road had rumble strips and narrow shoulder which requires James and saul to do a And .... There was also sorts of pulling and pushing going on As the body tried to probably exert beyond what it should have. But also it may be sensed something was missing and it was frustrating. We were definitely remembering attempting to participate With the small sphere at the groin. Participate in its momentum. But it turns out 2 things were not clear enough in mind. The 1st one remembered was that the object needed to be extremely low. The underside of the thigh. And recalling that after some time helped almost immediately. But not completely. There was still Such a huge tendency on the part of the rising leg To jerk and pull and tug and the descending leg also. And it was refusing to be low enough. 

Have you figured out what James was forgetting? No reason you should. Haven't given you enough detail. 

He was forgetting that the object is circular. And that everything must be circular. And as soon as that additional element was brought to mind things quickly within seconds or moments resolved themselves.

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