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***** Solar RV cycling blog September 25th period Fight between reflexes, muscle groups, to the death. Between muscle groups! Posture!!!

So absolutely central to whether James is a cyclist or torn apart by his legs is managing and winning the war between competing reflexes, muscle
groups, at the beginning of every ride as long as it takes,  whatever it takes, And again and again if the war resumes during the ride. 

There may actually be multiple antagonists 

 the good guys are the series of muscles that Trigger as a reflex to Keep the object at the groin, circular, spiracle, The point of participation for all of James' efforts. 

The antagonists are the muscles that do not want to lift the leg to keep that object, that roughly one and a 1/2 inch tiny circular object, spherical, to keep that low, in that hollow area where the thighs and the butt cheeks meet, to keep it totally low which can only be done if the thighs fire upward at the crease. Can only be kept low and participation with the momentum maintained, by a precise but automatic and intuitive firing upward by the thighs, at the crease. It is probably this way in running, and the freestyle swimming kick. It is a reflex, but it is a much weaker reflex and requires much more effort as often as it takes, to get in touch with that tiny object, to get in touch with the participation of momentum with that tiny object, to check in with it, To be aware of when it is lost, it is infinitely easier to the stronger reflex, the desire of the legs to bang downward, to reach over the top of the object, and to push downward, which is never ever as helpful as empowering the dominant reflex to be to rise upward. 

This is the exis tensal fight. 

 In the last 3 or 4 days, 80 or 90% of the time has been without this excess tension struggle. In fact for the 1st 3 or so days of this new world it was rarely found. 

Why in the last day or so? 2 factors, thanks James for it arrogance, and with arrogance the focus on the tremendous sensitivity required to find and create that tiny imaginary object and to keep its needs way ahead of anything else, drowning anything else, arrogance minimize is that task in which case the much stronger reflects finds a near instantaneous foothold. And when that reflects is allowed to exert itself It finds and feeds on an addiction that is Enormously difficult to stop. 

Also, fatigue is probably a big factor. Yesterday in particular after a 70 or 80 mile Exertion, that next day, the body wanted to use other muscles. 

Coupled with arrogance, Note. That thread of thought is lost for the minute. 

 The all important emphasis must be on maintaining participation with the momentum of that object, even gently is OK, low, low, low, in that hollow Where are the thighs meet the butt cheeks, low, low, with that circular small object every instance. 

Checking in as frequently as necessary is key. 

O yes, with the loss of humility, the assertion of arrogance, the body Allows the will to force, to dominate, to come to the fore. This also profoundly empowers the badd dominant reflex of forcing, powering downward, Pushing downward with the upper thigh. And there is never a superiority in power and certainly not sustainability physical or psychological with allowing this. it must never be allowed. 

O So the start up routine every day must be, .... Must be too Get in touch and participate with every instant that small object at the groin, the 2nd step which needs to happen and easily happens near instantaneously Is to increase the upward movement of the thigh to keep the object down in its place low low low. Step 3 is to increase the energy participation in that small object as gradually as necessary. Step 4 is to move off of the amount of energy participation if the system does not seem to be performing properly, that is participation is lost from instant to instant And/or the object rises. Assert, back off, check in, reassert is gradually is need be. 

 When the body finds the groove and it seems for to persistent, This notion of increasing the amount of energy participation is quite an amazing thing both delicate and very very durable. It is not something the James' can control the way you can control the opening or closing of your fist. But with care and habituation It is Near totally under James influence.

Cycling continued. 

 One thing that may be is decisive, utterly decisive or very very close their to. What is that? Posture. 

When did the world change for James cycling at the end of 12 months of agony and/or more.? When the posture changed. 1/2 an inch or 3/4 of an inch additional recline a. And the world changed. It really did. 

Why? James didn't know. He didn't know why so fundamentally things would be changed by such a slight thing. How can that be? 

Today he knows.

James didn't understand why, till about 45 minutes into today's 4 hour so far journey. 






Posture determines which muscle groups are empowered and which are radically disempowered. And the difference is as slight as half an inch, no more than an inch. This is assuming that one is already in the range. 

If the back of the neck, the upper shoulders, are far enough back with the chin at least slightly tuck, it empowers the abdomen! It empowers the muscles that I presume are the glutinous maximis exactly at the crease of the buttocks the thighs. 

If the head is brought an inch or so forward or less and the shoulders not kept back, it totally disem powers what was just mentioned and totally empowers the large muscles. But they are not the effective muscles for recumbent cycling. They are extremely seductive because they are extremely strong. But every single absolutely every single indication is that in a recumbent cycle When they are engaged they absolutely defeat the muscles that are the most powerful the most sustainable for James and probably for every recumbent cyclist. It is the difference between Really wonderful sustainable cycling and cycling hell. Half an inch of posture. 

Is this to say that all the other discoveries of the last week, the last month, the last year, are of no importance? They are of great importance. But it appears that 1 thing, posture, is decisive. 

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