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Ignite soul log April 18. Wherever the one in a million soul is dying for life is where I'm going, I replied.

Ignite soul log April 18. Wherever the one in a million soul is dying for life is where I'm going, I replied.

For many months now if not years articulated have I that the two places I see creator are in nature and the very rare kindness of one human being to another. Bringing this to mind is my new friend Michael who may currently be the only person in the world reading my blog with any regularity and depth and maybe the first person to ever do so as deeply and extensive Lee and openly as he may be doing. The prospect makes me very glad for him, and encouraged, frankly. Glad for him for the same reason I am glad for me to have a massed AL these treasures that are the reason my soul is joyfully alive. Maybe some of those treasures will enrich his as well. That's the reason for my life.

Michael comes to mind because as reported yesterday although no one besides Michael seemed to notice or care, major disaster struck the mission. The vehicle lurched forward in a dangerous situation and overturned and was almost impossible to lift up and no one was available to help. So attempt to right it I did and in the process the lower spine majorly dislocated. More so than if you pull your finger and dis locate the joint. It was very painful but much more than that alarming. If the spine goes this mission in its current form is terminated. A quick note of that was made on the blog and copied to Facebook. An hour later this beautiful little Nissan electric car appeared at the trailhead next to the vehicle and there was friend Michael quite alarmed and armed to help. Physical help was no longer needed at that point but his kind effort  was and is wind under my wings. It is encouraging to this mission to encounter such great goodness as we occasionally do.

One of the metrics that I task myself multiple times a day with is, availability, being where those dying for life for the soul are. In recent week speculated have I that maybe that is right here in Lone Pine Mount Whitney for the next 3 or 4 months as people come through this area from around the world to climb the highest peak in the United States, Mount Whitney, and others of the 14 ers I think they're called, those peaks in excess of 14000 feet in this area. Speculated further have I that it may be a spiritual, a graveyard, of the soul. That they may be all just be pleasure seekers, shallow, happy with the death of their souls. Drowning in the pleasure that is the price of that. No, disparrraging of others I am NOT being. Honest.

This morning provided two slightly encouraging encounters. Both at what is effectively the trailhead for Mount Whitney, a large dirt parking area just before the last 3 miles of the highway which is closed for cleanup of extensive Rock Falls and snow. Openning is tomorrow possibly.

In recent days being there at least during the day, working on the vehicle or just working in general, the latter possibility has been in evidence, just a lot of mindless, rather soul less, pleasure seekers. No, not being judgemental. Evaluating. You are free to disagree.

But if there is any population any place in the world where more than one in a million is dying for life for the soul it certainly is hiding itself well. So none of this should be surprising. What creation needs from James is defined, if there is a population, and area, where it is two in the million, or 5 in a million, or one in 100,000, James needs to find that the same way a fisherman, fishing I do not approve of, the fisherman wants to find the place with the best odds as low as they may me. And speculated have I in recent weeks that maybe in the summer months when Pacific Coast hikers are in the area this will be one of those higher probability areas.

One of the encouraging encounters this morning was with a  young female tour guide of an adventure camping group, about 10 mid twenties folks going for pretty rigorous camping experience of Whitney from what I can gather. Always, pretty much without exceptions James keeps his head down, on his work. Vaguely aware of this group was he that's all. Approached did this young female guide with some Sparkle to her soul, in evidence. I've never seen a vehicle like this, with some clear genuine wonder, she said. What I said I don't recall. She wasn't asking questions so I did not elaborate but I certainly extended respect to the show of soul that I think I saw there. And I took some tiny encouragement from it. And as they walked away going on their trip a young man in the group,  said, thank you for speaking with us, this surprised me, I hadn't noticed him, but it was genuine and genuinely from me he heard, you're most welcome.

Shortly after aware became I of people speaking in a tongue that I did not understand. Israeli, and maybe Middle Eastern occurred to me.

A man approached, late 30s early forties, and respectfully showed enthusiasm for the vehicle and was asking about the solar panels. Turns out he wanted to know whether they remain strong or deteriorating overtime. Remain strong indicated I. Turns out he is with a business in the Czech Republic maybe? A business that is developing technology to optimize the longevity of solar panels.

Not disparaging , and he did not take it as disparagement , I indicated that 20 years from now none of us will say that technology was the hope for the planet. Except for the technology of bringing souls to life.

This and the vehicle and the new messages on the vehicle, for joy serve those poor souls in solidarity, he said, may I record your message? I would like to share it with my friends back in Eastern Europe. It seems very humble and genuine so I humbly said yes of course. The message was probably two or 3 minutes long.

If this turns out not to be at all a fertile area this probably will be where we will remain for the next 3 or 4 months and study, at least because it is so conducive for that unless we become un welcome which seems unlikely, or the feared heat of the summer drives us north. The major investments in fortifying Sol  for climbing the last 4 miles, another two thousand feet, proves sufficient then we can escape up there to escape the heat during the day. That is the plan and the expectation. It is also thought that that higher percentage fishing pool might be up at the trailhead which will be open at the very top of the road.

Try and understand must James the diff types of needs of the souls dying for life that James lives to be physician to, health bringer to, his sites a wealth of Medicine, resources, LSGIABeing and start loving. Org.

Bringing this to mind is the book James is listening to a second time now, 1.5, against history, his story, against Leviathan. Freddy Perlman. Suggested by my friend Michael another book like that I am not aware of ever reading. Breathtaking in scope and scholarship as with other books that have been studied by James recently, saving paradise, the great transformation. But not a focus on Christianity as are those two books, or on religion as those two are, but on maybe economics maybe, or culture. Notions of civilization and savage RI which he rightly says are inverted.

Incredibly inspired and useful.  brilliant and creative. A potential treasure field going forward and at least a major rock for me to stand on.

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