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Sol r Turned 3000 today. Approaching forty thousand in total.

 The first Sol was a prototype, this is a production vehicle, just solid solid solid solid solid. A Marvel everyday. Physically beautiful and complete now. It is a thing, credit to Rex, and then Khan. It is a joy and a privilege for me to Showcase it around the country. So strong that a rear-end Collision was healed in a matter of a day. Hopefully we don't get to find out what happens after the next rear end collision. 

The solar panel on the roof has broken I'm certain because it is insufficiently supported so horrible Road conditions in the US caused internal fracture. Within a week or so I expect a replacement to be placed on top, the much more durable SunPower and I expect that to last for many years and also those on the trailer. 

Khanh's most ingenious move that almost killed me was realizing that a pedicab transaxle in the trailer would be a game-changer and indeed it has. Countless nights now James has been in a safe secluded sleeping spots in Forests that would have been unattainable with the prior vehicle. The transaxle and the Cyclone motor in the trailer. 

With the Cyclone motor in the cab we can now endlessly do the Rockies and the Sierras. But fires are preventing accessing those this year. In about two weeks we'll be in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine. Very challenging but less so than out west. Easily handled by turning on the cab Cyclone but it is very noisy. We probably could handle those states with the rear trike Hub motor but it overheats so quickly. This is sort of the last remaining fundamental experiment. With the current controller Arrangement The Hub motor just gets too much power and overheats in a matter of several moments. 

James's looking to prioritize experiments in the next couple of days to see if different controller Arrangements can better distribute power across the trailer and the cab, and hopefully so. If not, it might be time to try and secure a hub motor to be mounted mid vehicle in the cab as it was before with appropriate torque arms.

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