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Cycling. To dream The Impossible Dream. The Holy Grail has been achieved.

 Will it be here tomorrow? Tomorrow Will Tell. And the next day.... But it was here today. The ability, as on a conventional bicycle, for James body and soul to deliver all the energy that it knew it had to give, efficiently, effectively, reliably. 3 years ago this occurred for a brief period in time in Iowa, and then was lost. But today it was back. No, really. And James thinks he understands why it was working. 

The torque sensor metrics for James were throttled back 70% and now are deemed to be reliable. 326 human watts was seen today, 220 was not rare. 180-200 was regular. This is 50% beyond what was ever seen before the metrics were recalibrated when each has adjusted for the other. Point being today James was able to Output hugely more, contribute, hugely more, then before. Ever since Iowa. This is very satisfying, because it was so simple. So mentally and physically simple. 

And segment after segment dozens of times within 30 seconds James was able to re implement the strategy, the technique. Never since Iowa 3 years ago. 

For James does it matter in the scheme of things? No, and yes. What matters is James is trying to stir a soul here or there and occasionally this Voyage seems to create such opportunities. But cycling 4 5 6 7 hours a day, if he can repeat tomorrow what occurred today as maybe he can, the mental and emotional drain is a fraction of what it has been ever since Iowa three years ago. Cumulatively that's a lot of time energy and attention freed up. 

And personally, which doesn't matter, it's been three years since James had a personal relationship like that of a conventional cyclist where he could do what he could do and not be constrained by feeling totally uncoordinated. But today that relationship returned. Tomorrow?

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