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Cycling, if I had understood these few things oh, how different the last four years may have been.

 No regrets, not complaining, but really amazing.

Item. The energy transfer chamber is about 3 in out from the perineum and up about 20 or 25 degrees. In a conventional bicycle the energy transfer chamber is out the same distance and down about 15 or 20 degrees.

Item. The ball joints where the femur attached in the pelvis are to remain neutral and in no way to be torqued.

Item. Within that chamber  the purest energy defies imagination but it is very real, 270 w up to 320 frequently being seen and each time James is amazed at how little effort seems to be exerted not to suggest that it's easy.

Item. Although not as Central in mind today unquestionably all of this was set up by realizing that there are multiple motors and the most important Motors are in the abdomen and upside of the pie at the crease with the Torso, and the lower back.

Item. Achieving that chamber is not easy, it is less felt than found by visualizing it and actually slightly looking into the area and when it is found it is higher, closer to the belly, more crowded than James would have guessed but extremely comfortable when found. Having said that the abdominals are what lift it into that area when they understand things properly and certainly there's exertion there but it's very sustainable.

Item. Within the chamber it is not a circular action although the body would like that, it is the passing zone of the conventional cyclist, three and a half inch out from the perineum.

Item. That any energy felt on the pedals, the feet should float in the area of the pedals and the rest of the lower leg accordingly, any energy or placement or pressing there can be considered cheating, attempting to rest rather than really to help. Impure energy as opposed to Pure. This was very helpful when it emerged today.

Item. Maintaining body alignment with the vehicle as described several days ago rather than twisting and turning the body as it wants to do on banked roads and pointing into two turns. No, the chamber is square ahead and up in the nose of Sol and maintaining this is very very helpful and relaxing.

Item. And the Chamber located and used properly the precise pass themselves perpendicularly whereas the more normal lazy position they slide past each other not as perpendicular, and when the perpendicular Place, higher and closer than expected, toward the belly, when it's found, it's unbelievable how much easier things are and smooth.

Update in case forgotten about. Coming to terms, finding where equilibrium is is instrumentally helpful and encouraging because it is the alternative to flailing around and assuming that I can't do enough.

Item. Update. Imagining that there is a rod coming up from the perineum at about 65 or 70 degrees upright and that the passing zone is centrally informed by that rod and the thighs particularly within 2 in of the perineum are to have that is their passing zone.

Update. Item. And now the most elegant solution of all times? Some sort of serpentine belt about an inch and a half out from each guy and the mission is to find an equilibrium between the saw and its controls, and those thighs, that is a happy meeting point and to adjust as necessary for happy sustainability on James Park. Never an instance where the energy on that bill is allowed to decrease or substantially increased. Extremely sustainable, a natural outgrowth of everything above. Output in the neighborhood of 250 up to 290 W human observed.

Update. Item. There was a and is a really helpful notion of holding back happy equilibrium with Paul.

Update. Items. Incredibly helpful this last half hour or longer period particular emphasis on neutrality come on no twerking comma where the bones and surgery in the lower back and doing so circularities is eliminated and see passing of the thighs perpendicular to one or another in a a small face as in conventional upright cycling is the only option at the body is seeing This coupled with constantly checking in to be sure that it is a happy point of equilibrium from salt to James body That is extremely sustainable and The metric scene are not outrageously high but they're more than high enough Typically 220 or higher with the current reading being 236.

Crucial update. Item. Make sure you have your back into it came. Today that means leaning back into it and feeling it there. Tremendously helpful when it is, crippling when it isn't. Very easy to overlook. Probably have been the last couple of days.

Call Sheila crucial. Item. An ocean of sitting down deeply in the very small belt is that was discussed yesterday. And today Kiki really helpful when Lee focused in back oh attachments if you will is quite high at least halfway up and maybe a little bit higher. Seems to help from sliding down in the seat. Also has a substantial calming effect on the rest of the body automatically. Much less flailing going on it seems.

Item. And today stay integration is to have the first 2 inches of the thighs pass each other in such a way that the abdomen and mid-back AR participating well and constantly.

Item. And the unifying problem to be solved, the solution, 2 operate the first 3 in of the buttocks and thigh such that the upper back and upper abdomen are constantly engaged, alternate Lee, as would be the back in finishing a Sprint, or the abdomen in doing sit-ups or crunches. This is the system. And engaged is such that they maintain equilibrium at the mid-range and sometimes slightly higher, such that the relationship was solved is sustainable over 5 hours or more.

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