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Major update. Assuming that the generator Works which will be known within the next hour or so, will very shortly....

Major update. Assuming that the generator Works which will be known within the next hour or so, will very shortly.... find out if we can handle a covid 19, climate destroyed, world. We might be too heavy. We might be way too heavy now with the generator and several gallons of gasoline oh, and four gallons of water which is a lot of additional weight. But with the miraculous help provided by Phyllis Ann Salomone Collins and Alan McCormick, and some other Strokes of luck, the trailer is physically fortified, the axle assembly repaired and fortified, The Hub Motors are now carrying most of that trailer weight and the vehicle there for is infinitely less fragile than it was. Countless countless unimaginable hours of work going into upgrading the vehicles Electronics, wiring, waterproofing, Etc over recent months. If we'll ever be ready to handle this decreased Sun because of climate destruction, and non availability of convenient plug in power sources, fast food restaurants, we're about to find out. I am not pessimistic, but what will be will be. Oh, and self-sufficiency food-wise in terms of preparation. Between the instapot which is tremendously energy efficient for preparing meals, and a small collapsible kettle which is even more efficient for preparing breakfast including tea infuser, not only are meal expenses cut, quality of food somewhat increased, but also packaging dramatically reduced.  And animal kill dramatically reduced, largely vegan now but I can control what food is available to me. The road ahead. The mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway expected to be beautiful but challenging, and Skyline Drive, are the next leg toward the southern tip of Maine, then if weather and time permits we'll sweep West for the remaining States hoping to pick up California for the winter, Lone Pine would be nice, particularly if I can find some remote long-term place where it is legal for me to stay more than a couple of weeks. 46 States is now the plan, it is not expected that the effort will be made to pick up Delaware and Rhode Island. Practical we are, purists we are not. The purpose remains to be what you said we can in terms of Awakening souls in the occasional encounter through the country. If we think of a more intense way of possibly doing that will do that. This being the alternative my soul gave me two going right away to one of the camps where we nice white Christian Americans are torturing and destroying thousands of children desperate for safety from countries we've destroyed, by burning myself alive at one of them too express my infinite grief, and rage.. That may eventually happen, or not, but certainly this attempt to complete 46 States comes first.

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