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Cycling update, important. Log. The roiler is at the perineum , Rollin...

Cycling update, important. Log. The roiler is at the perineum , Rollin... g through each transition, gently engaged 100% of the time period the holy Grail? I think so.

Item. Looking for improvement James has not been in these last 3 months or so. Although not perfect it has been a wonderful plateau meeting every desired criterion from power to Freeing the mind for other work.

 Item. Yesterday however Gigantic new plat 2 seems to have been reached. Not possible without all of the advances that came together about 3 months ago entering Asheville.

Item. Important note. There is a tremendous backlog of Logs to be transcribed and posted on these last 3 months. Hopefully soon.

Item. But this is too important not to post now.

Item. There is a Royler, it is at the perineum .

Item. Savoring delivery , contribution to, energy of the travel every nano 2nd, keeping this Royal are engaged.

Item. Of utmost importance I think, the key that unlocks this, is going for the internal roiling, not the external roiling on the periphery of the travel of the legs. This is a gentle instant re-engagement at each transition point.

Item. Royal or meaning chaos Rolling at the perennial M along with the up leg and the down leg 100% of the time period

Item. Rolling through the transition points.

Item. The output of this This is as Good as any other technique.

Item. Maybe the biggest problem is that it is so deceptively effortless, Tiring, but no stress, so fluid, that the body finds it difficult to believe that it is delivering the power that it is

Item. Extremely valuable update. At the top of the perineum that is the part of the front of him up toward the belly button. Other anatomical Parts could be mentioned but that's too gross. This really really help keep things in balance and further discourage the attempt to go for engagement with the periphery rather than within the Royal order itself.

Ite Long ago the notion of  jogging or trotting speed Cadence  was a flushed  but lost and forgotten.  It is back building on top of all this as a very nice thing.
 He's freezing points have not been spell checked. Traveling.

Item. Update. Light on the feet and smooth on the feet extremely important. Such a useful indicator of things going well or things going bad. James has a tremendous tendency to panic and everything gets jerky and forcing and power goes to hell and exhausting goes through the roof. Attending to the feet fact that there's no punching going on but rather light on the feet and feet hanging from the pedals are tremendously useful.

Tremendously important and forgotten for much of yesterday. Every part of the journey each day each hour each minute is habit forming oh, good or bad. So difficult to bring to mind given exhaustion or distraction put so easy to implement, and very brief and it pays such huge dividends.

It may be that a problem with yesterday which was a good day, but a problem was that James bought two start the royal or at very fast RPM. It may be the fishes like a sprinter going right into a Sprint from a cold start in the morning without first warming up. that's certainly James prevailing Theory...

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