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James, you've been quiet. Where Have You Been these last few days? Your help is needed.

My friend, the heroic by every measure, mom two autistic boys with medical complications, herself with medical complications, and I are three or four days into fairly intense collaboration, mostly, she responded to my question so that I can get up to speed regarding the following.  No offense to anyone, there are few people I personally know  set the world is much better for having, and this incredible soul is one. I have invested and will invest as much of my life limb and treasure and keeping her Among Us, serving us, as I can but it is not enough. I am hoping that a network of six or seven or eight people including several from her family Network it seems quite able and a good heart to begin working on this each finding small pieces they can work on. This is the note I shared with her this morning and you now she's located in Michigan currently by the way: What I am working toward is trying to provide a way of understanding the situation for you and the boys that can enable us to, us being, maybe a small group of us networking online, to see individual pieces that we can begin to work on to understand and maybe to improve. Structurally and functionally it is being formed as a folder with subfolders and items in Google Drive that can easily be shared and collaborated on, findings noted, updates made, Etc. Although, side note, I am finding Google Drive a primitive collaborative tool compared to the word environment I used to be in. And most certainly to research to the point that we know that Improvement is just not going to happen or how it might. It might not be too early to cut and paste this into an email and send it to people that you think might be interested?

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