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Hedges is our greatest living Prophet, as many times James has said. Tragically....

Hedges is our greatest living Prophet, as many times James has said. Tragically.... he is a little bit too addicted to his depression tho that is completely understandable. He is 1% wrong in this article, and that 1% is important. It is not without material hope. The Senate could be overturned. A general strike could force him out of office when Sanders wins. Greta could lead the world's children to hunger strike to death unless the world wakes up. No, seriously. Young children willing to die in the Civil Rights Movement were a decisive factor. And more importantly he is 100% wrong in concluding
that determination determination is the best we can hope for. Incredible unending Joy is available to every one of us if we will only find it in being the embodiment of good. And it is our duty to do this, to learn to do this, to model this, because there will be survivors for many generations and this is what they need from. Pioneering and modeling joy in the face of material hell. And this is what I will try to continue to learn and teach for all that are willing to take the responsibility.

 and how the fuc does even hedges fall into the Trap of defining ourselves in terms of our, resistance, I hate that word, resistance to Trump and the evil of Neil liberalism at cetera?!?!?! Does the light Define itself in terms of its resistance to the dark? f*** no! It makes its business to be the light. We need to learn, and we've got to train ourselves now, to be loving propagating loving for joy in the face of evil, in loving the soul that with our trained imaginations we can see enslaved in even a trump, Tolstoy rightly understood it, that piece of Creator whatever Creator is, loving, born within every mammal, and within every human being. This is what we owe The children. Let's get on with it.

"The mania for hope works as an anesthetic. The hope that Donald Trump would moderate his extremism once he was in
office, the hope that the “adults in the room” would manage the White House, the hope that the Mueller report would see Trump disgraced, impeached and removed from office, the hope that Trump’s December 2019 impeachment would lead to his Senate conviction and ouster, the hope that he will be defeated at the polls in November are psychological exits from the crisis—the collapse of democratic institutions, including the press, and the corporate corruption of laws, electoral politics and norms that once made our imperfect democracy possible.....

If what happens in courtrooms across the country to poor people of color is justice, what is happening in the Senate is a trial. If the blood-drenched debacles and endless quagmires in the Middle East are victories in the war on terror, our military is the greatest on earth. If the wholesale government surveillance of the public, the revoking of due process and having the world’s largest prison population are liberty, we are the land of the free. If the president, an inept, vulgar and corrupt con artist, is the leader of the free world, we are a beacon for democracy and our enemies hate us for our values. If Jesus came to make us rich, bless the annihilation of Muslims by our war machine and condemn homosexuality and abortion, we are a Christian nation. If formalizing an apartheid state in Israel is a peace plan, we are an honest international mediator. If a meritocracy means that three American men have more wealth than the bottom 50% of the U.S. population, we are the land of opportunity. If the torture of kidnapped victims in black sites and the ripping of children from their parents’ arms and their detention in fetid, overcrowded warehouses, along with the gunning down of unarmed citizens by militarized police in the streets of our urban communities, are the rule of law, we are an exemplar of human rights....

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