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Yes, James, be a turbine. Profoundly weak each revolution stronger collectively at speed. Dec 14

It has been days since a log has been reported and much has transpired but all in line with the previous posts . 

 It may be that this morning, or late in yesterday's journey, .... That Turbine showed up again. 

Why did it show up because a very good day or so ,
the discovery, set the stage for it and invited it back. 

They 2 days prior the central concept the impossible but productive notion that the entire process was as though a thumb and forefinger each hand was at the perineum rotating a 0 friction ball bearing assembly. 0 friction than therefore 0 energy. this was really helpful and good to remember and maybe go back to it some point. Toward the end however the body thought you know we are leaving some energy on the table and we were the metrics were in the between 200 and Maybe 230 range. Not a tragedy but a little too low. Anyway the notion of turbine came back . When tur bine existed as a useful concept a month ago it was really helpful. But then it was lost. 

Why was it lost.? Probably because the High power of turbine when effectively implemented was remembered and the incredibly weak individual revolutions was forgotten so the nervous system naturally tried to merge the 2 And therefore a tried to have each revolution be powerful and this is not possible and it breaks the whole system. 

 So hopefully this is enough that James' if you lose track in the future it will help you recover.

Cycling continued. Quite a positive day of cycling. The notion of being a turbine is profoundly enabling and empowering and unifying today. Key features of this. 

Item . Power with the turbine comes at full rpm which in the case of James is at or just over a 100 rpm. 

Item . That a turbine finds power in an individual rotation is absurd. And so it is with James cycling. In fact This notion helps James detect even the slightest attempt to inject power into an individual rotation and to recoil at the absurdity.  

But the need for and desire to assert power remains. And this in the gentle respectful attempt to establish and maintain Full rpm. Never with the assertion of individual revolution power because that violates Turbine. 

Item. Spoken of recently although secondary is very helpful is the proper tuning and utilization of the PID control feedback loop in Cycle analyst and James body respectful use of that and that latter part is a function of Respecting the speed envelope for full rpm which James set set about 10 miles an hour generally, exactly 10 miles an hour. The shape of the envelope is not precise but rather a function of speed and acceleration and deceleration and grade and other things which can be a bit maddening Until James rolls up his sleeve untell James rolls up his sleeves accept his difficulty and develops the relationship which is not all that difficult. It is not really difficult at all. Just get on with that James. 

Item. The parameters working today incident late technical, are a a background power multiple of .... 7 which is very high but within the proper use of this envelope that automatically is reduced to roughly one and a 1/2 most of the time unless the grade moves to above about 1% in which case it automatically adds more so that James can maintain cadence which is to maintain the speed of just over 10 miles an hour while continuing to Output at approximately 230 Watts. 

Versus the factory settings the PID values have been increased by a factor of 3 at long ago suggestion of Justin the founder of grin technologies. James attempt to find a layman's guide to understanding little own optimizing PID values has turned up nothing but engineering bullship which is really an indictment . But, this multiple of 3 of each of the values is certainly providing an environment that is working for James. With about 8 miles to go on this 44 mile journey today nice weather, decent Sun though a lot of trees , Thus far he has expended about 3000 plus human calories so his body is  fairly drained but given the sustainability, low tissue damage risk or skeletal risk of this turbine image reach had a The human output even this moment is roughly 250 human W. Prior to taking a 10 minute camera break about 15 minutes ago it had dropped to about 2:00 human watch But what's the problem with this? 

Item. And case it was not mentioned This turbine model today and it should be at all times also triggering of avoidance of lopsided within a revolution this is inconceivable that in a jet engine turbine there would be any lopsided it would destroy the engine immediately . And although perfection has not been achieved today this imagery has been tremendously helpful. 

 The notion most surprising and maybe most important to highlight is how this Turbine imagery enables  James to embrace, cherish, saver, the avoidance of Anything other than what seems like gentle power per revolution and throughout the revolution. So counter to the natural inclinations of the body but now all day long is being borne out and reflection upon those times in the last 2 months that had been similar This total defying of natural body inclinations is borne out every time. power is in the relatively high rpm low power per cycle cycling. James do not easily lose faith in this son. 

Item. yes James, you need to be able to find power to deliver. Actually you do and psychologically you do. Look for it in a relatively high rpm not forced to high rpm but found or engineered. It satisfies your craving to feel like you're contributing at a high level and it works. It's fucken works!. 

Item. Although it is very subtle it seems to be real. That at relatively high rpm, 100 or slightly above. The very nature of this reduces some or  many Seductions to attempt to inject substantial power surges within a given cycle, within a given rpm which is so destructive of the body, so sustainability, absolute power. Yes James is not a turbine in any real physical sense but this imagery Is profoundly helpful nonetheless. 

To emphasize, many days it was an imagery that was helpful 6 weeks ago or so and then it was lost. Why was it lost? Largely because the sense of power, the real absolute sustained power merged Add of the notion that it was the result of Smooth Weak individual cycles was lost so James' body try to do both. 

a special case of this is beginning from a low speed and/or standing start . James body finds it almost impossible to avoid proving that it has the power on lower PM situations like that to substantially move and accelerate this payload. It does not. Much more importantly it need not. Use the throttle James. Don't try to have the jet engine provide high power on low rpm. Just don't do it 

item. Sadly subtle and subtle in its impact but important not to forget. Roiling. The upward circularity gentle each stroke. It is not dramatic when it is remembered but every time it is remembered in implemented the whole system is glad of it. 

Item. Also inconclusive but positive each time remembered is that the actual circularity is in the buttocks. If the machine were clearly understood and documented the actual circular arty is in the buttings in whatever that joint is. And it It is gently helpful when James remembers this period its teams to help slightly smooth out the system and avoid those thrusts within a cycle 

Item. Similarly helpful Is recollection of the perineum. The pretty and being somehow the center of this turbine . The actual or close their to on which the turbine turn spirit 

Item. It is worth considering that turbine may have been lost in substantial part when .... The notion of a slower cadence for purposes of resting Came to mind. That may not be dangerous but it maybe catastrophically dangerous to turbine. All notions of power and actual power come with the turbine spinning at sufficient speed and that seems to be about her 100 rpm for James So he should be very careful about allowing circumstances where the RPM is allowed to go below 100. Whatever his intentions are it may be the loss of the whole turbine dynamics in a way that the body has confidence in and can't sustain.

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