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Cycle, roll, roil the buttocks balls James. Just that. Repeat....

Feel them rolling, cause them to freely and gently roll totally independent of the cranks and whatever resistance it provides. 

 In clarity this strikes James as a totally new thing. It is a extremely close relative of the checking in that he realized was so important and then forgot, realized several months ago and practiced for quite a while. Checking in for a while anyway achieve the
same thing but James did not understand what was happening.

Is this a revelation? More importantly is this a new departure? No. That's not at all how it is experienced. it is a clarity on what has worked in the past, a conscious competence. 

 So in a Walmart parking lot this morning I think it was the notion occurred, James, what if you just rotated, rolled, cycled the joint in your buttocks As though you were not in a bicycle, in Seoul? James never recalls having this same thought before period 

He has spoken briefly months ago of discovering a release from slavery. That the body could act completely independent of saul but that was lost. Maybe this will be lost. Or maybe this is a useful clarity that will remain. Will James to hold on. 

Enabling this was certainly by the realization, the increase clarity within the last day or so, that whether James thinks of it or not, realizes it or not, harmonizes with it or against it, every cycle those joints where the thigh bone Encounters the pelvis are rolling, or better thought of, roiling. That if that is happening then the legs are moving in approximately the way that would help saul to receive energy to move. 

This clarity was extremely liberating and empowering. And since then this morning or yesterday It has been James central consideration for it 

 Yesterday was not a heavy day of cycling but not particularly intense. Point being that the muscles are a little bit tired out. Not fresh. Point being the symmetrics are not great but not horrible in the range of 210 and 2:30.

But the automatic Sustainable not distracting mode of opperation is wonderful. What an obvious easy trade off. 

And at times today and as this was being approached yesterday, the metrics were as good as they have ever been. 

James suspicion is that The starting point of every day and a central touchstone or the central touchstone should always be With language that probably will improve over time in capturing the concept, just roll that joint, James. Free yourself as much as need be From Sol for the moment or sustained so that that free rolling can be experienced. Felt. Certain. Whatever happens from there happens James.  and if it doesn't, it doesn't.

Continued. Some related thoughts. 

Item. And old thought recalled. And much to learn. The legs being completely relaxed which may or may not mean exerting no physical force, but completely absolutely relaxed maybe  cause-and-effect of what is discussed above regarding rolling balls. 

item. Total embrace of higher rpm 100 and above precluding Most illusion of forcing any of any individual cycle or within the cycle, the benefit of turbine is absolutely essential to the above. 

Item. It seems that after Considerable time in a journey That thr cord nation required to increase the rotational force on completely relaxed legs on these buttocks balls Often falls into place to some degree. Currently it may be such a high level of coronation that it cannot be expected early in a journey, or even after stopping at a light, but sometimes appears after hours of the stage being set. It is at this point that human output goes from acceptable, 220 or so up to 230 or above. This should be considered encurridgement but not necessary. 

Item. The idea that the smooth balanced non jerky rotation of the buttocks balls is necessarily and certainly interfered with with even the slightest rigidity, the loss of any bit of relaxation in the legs, this has been helpful in today's journey to encourage the tollar a tion O that relaxation which is so currently counter intuitive to James' body that wants to feel all the muscles in the leg contributing as much as possible ....  in to it of Li James' body is more concerned with feeling those thrusts and withdrawals that jerkiness then in knowing that maximal power is occurring. It needs all the help and encouragement and guidance it can get. Which is what so much of this logging is about. 

Item. In no way the james is aware does today's log supplant or speak against anything discovered in recent weeks. Rather These recent weeks have completely set the stage, largely implemented, pointed in this direction as nearest James can tell. It is complete compatibility as near as James can tell. 

Item. The experience and wisdom of turbine, 0 power in any individual stroke, 0 benefit, huge destruction with any oscillations is a central enabling concept. James today is embracing thank goodness the realization that low RPM is no power. Go to the throttle James. 

Item. Important note. James is choosing to do all of his acceleration with saul as opposed to the new Vinci gear which is a wonderful thing that gear. But he leaves it fixed a primary reason being that the control cable, there are 2 actually, one of them for maybe 8 months now has been worn down to only a couple of strands keeping it in place. And it is just 1 of those items that James has chosen not to allocate time to fix. The fix will probably take him 10 minutes but hes never done it before, it could take him several hours. So from 0 to 3 miles an hour which requires a lot of energy James uses salt. And from there on he uses a healthy combination of sol and himself until he reaches his cruising speed, today 8 miles an hour to maximize exercise per mile, generally of late 10 miles an hour at which point hr is carrying Anywhere between 400 and 609 pounds of this payload including himself.

Continued. Wow. Wow Wow. As much as 100% of the breakthrough experiences ever in cycling may have caused this primary factor O the legs from the groin outward being totally relaxed, 100%. If James were to go back through all of his notes everything from frenum egg beater to keep all energy out of the legs, So many many many things, so much of James preoccupation, have been indirect means it seems of achieving this. even the complete exhaustion at the end of a four hour climb up Whitney that last Half an hour that seems so magical the body being so exhausted that the legs could be nothing but relaxed, limp leaving everything in the area of the buttocks and fluid power delivery that was needed all along. Certain of this is James? No. Almost. These secondary factors now finally understood in the primary that they were unleashing? 100% relaxed leg from the groin outward. 

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