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***** James holy Grail of cycling? Could be.

 On the Perineum, within an inch, roiling rolling boiler immediately and always and only. 

A hard narrow disciplined taskmaster and superior to everything else found. 

And similar to many of the best times yet experienced. 

 Item. Roiling rolling boiler only exists, only, only
exists, On the premium and within an inch at most. It works.

item. A central characteristic. Roiling boil or, Countercyclical Cycling circular unending motion. Conceptually a mobius loop. Bongo balls in opposition.  central is James looking to feel on the perennial especially the upstroke. 

Item. The upward moving cycle is the key on the perineum to the existence of rolling roiling boil or. 

 Centrality of the premium was brilliant until lost weeks ago. Why lost? Possibly because understanding of what was happening at the premium was too shallow. And what now maybe a sufficient understanding is Roiling rolling boil or, countercyclical chaos felt On the premium. 

 Item. Solves so many sins. The otherwise uncoordinated downwards thumping of the thighs. They tendency to look for power in the outward thrust not the upward. 

item. The tendency to look for power in a seesawing, back-and-forth sawing between the thighs. 

Item. Looking for power any place but the premium. 

Item. Posture, tending to lean forward for Comfort, extra power. 

Item. Inability to find power and comfort in high rpm. 

 Asymmetrical lopsided exhausting Motion of the body. 

item. Lateral expenditure of energy to the Outer buttocks. 

Item.  expenditure of energy in me extremities of the legs beyond 1" from the premium. 

What's going on? Why Is this the most sustainable least frustrating Effective efficient mode? It seems to be a matter of Optimal harmonization, coordination, timing. 

This one hidden simple secret, hidden because it is so totally non obvious, Seems to make optimal harmony not to be confused with Nirvana, optical harmony out of all the other systems. Roiling rolling Boiler Felt  on the perineum causes everything else that needs to happen, to happen.

 Caution as per usual. Only several days has this been Understood and put to use. That's a very limited sample. However, incorporates the several weeks of optimal performance From Grand Junction Colorado onward, almost a month. At least that's how it seems to James. 

Caution. This is not Nirvana. But it is relative Nirvana. It is so much less frustrating and confusing and difficult to manage and thought consuming and hopefully reliable and sustainable and retrievable and implementable then anything prior. And it seems to be good enough. 

Yes, James has been here before, maybe it's good enough. Maybe. 

Continued. By the way, There is nothing Going on that is left unexpressed here. Certainly nothing going on that James is aware of and hes pretty certain hes aware of everything that's going on. What a 100% of attention and energy is being directed to experiencing roiling boil or on the perineum. That's it. Nothing else is being left unexpressed here. 

 However. The notion that arose maybe a week ago of keeping the roiling boiler happy has been part of the last several days and rightly so and should always be even more centrally kept in mind. It is necessary, desirable, makes physical and muscular sense. It is not a matter of pandering to the bio physical machine but appropriately caring for it. 

And regarding this point it has yet to be found that this body of James wants to be lazy. O it does not like the exhaustion come of the discomfort but virtually never does it try to assert that. The opposite is true it continually with James carelessnesse tries to do too much, tries to prove itself too much. All the more reason why James needs to look out for it, to look out for its reasonable happiness. And when James has attempted this it has yet to prove itself at all a mistake.

Continued. Yesterday James mentioned how attempting to implement the thought of roiling boiler on the perineum could prolong by hours the correct implementation felt roiling rolling boil or on the pretium within an inch. He wondered whethere this could be implemented immediately in a journey. At least today the answer was yes. Perfectly? Don't really know. Effectively? Yes. With the clear notion, immediately, James, yes it works. It happened. It continues to happen. It continues to be invoked at the beginning of every transition that happens within a couple of minutes. As James moves from coasting downhill, starting at a stop sign or stop light. At cetera.

Continued. There is no rebellion on the part of the body against this new clarity discussed above. None that James is aware of and none that he expects to rear its self in the future when this idea is clearly implemented from the beginning. 

 Not mentioned but related is 2 things. One. A slight improvement is not necessary but may come. And that is a slightly improved harmonization between the Absolutely crucial Up rising part of the roiling rolling boiler. Where .... But ideally the upward and downward would be nearly identical. Allocation Li particularly at very high rpm that seems to happen. 

But you be careful James. This could throw everything out of whack looking for this slight improvement. If it happens, it happens. And it probably will continue to happen when what is discussed above is sufficiently in place and becomes routine and habit. 

 The 2nd related thing is that Like weeks ago when perineum egg beater was holding sway .... The discovery of sustainable extra power at very high rpm was discovered. When a Slight but significant incline is encountered one approach is to apply more of saul. But when Rolling roiling boil or on the premium is working, is implemented effectively, a second option appears, note, don't abuse the body James. A second option appears. Go for extra power by increasing the RPM. Do it before the incline, James, so you don't abuse and terrorize your body.

Cycling continued. And this possible holy Grail is an incredible gift. One simple felt experience that brings all the benefit that is needed, correct harnessing of the body and nervous system with just 1 tactile idea and substantial error correction, sufficient error correction so far, with just 1 simple tactile idea. With just one simple Experience, touchstone , that can be quickly sought achieved and maintained and everything else needed happens, sustainability, Simple mindless action, as mindless as possible, error correction, error prevention. And no compromise in power, but rather power levels only seen when one way or another this mode is in operation. 

 Cautions. The body largely accepts this but not totally. Periodically it tries to assert other mustles into prominence, other behaviors into prominence. Out of habit. Out of intuition. Hey we've got these other muscles it only makes sense that we use them. 

The best  guess that James has is that this mode does use all of the available power to the optimum, and is so optimum that it almost seems like those other muscles are not being employed. Are not being used to the fullest. But that is near certainly the level of harmony and harmonization and elegance. 

Cycling continued. Important note on how this works. Rolling rolling boiler on the perennial M within 1". It is on going self correcting. It doesn't do it by itself, no. But almost. When James feels energy anywhere outside of the perineum it alerts him quite easily to increase energy on the frenum and that withdraws it from where it is otherwise going, the feet, the outer buttocks, the forward stroke, wherever. It is very smooth the way it has been working today and recently.

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