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In the grip of the great dying, the great Exterminating, finding enough joy to go on serving.

 It's approaching 1:00 in the morning. James can't sleep. Is in a very very very dark place Arriving here After increasingly dark days. 

Maybe it is a sickness, a clinical depression, a mlody that shouldn't be there in James. 

James suspects it's the opposit. He suspects it is because he is holding on to substantial mental health That he experiences this incredible darkness. 

It is the reality, no? It is the truth, no? We are in the midst of the great dying. All goodness is dying on a global catastrophic scale. No? 

Yes. By every objective measure. 

What does James do? Not as a plan a or B or C but
he has begun some slightly serious research on methods of suicide. But so far that is In the event of an extreme emergency, such as facing many years in a fascist torture regime.

 As an aside this current mission attempt to travel through all 48 States In opposition with our destruction of Latin-American children whose world we have already destroyed. James is questioning how possible that is. The East Coast is so already destroyed with all the human cancerous growths. Impenetrable Maybe?

 But his guess is that he probably will with the exception of Maybe 4 States or so such as Delaware and Rhode Island. Perfection is the hobgoblin of idle minds to paraphrase Einstein, I think. 

 Hes quite sure he will persist at least to the East Coast state of Florida and onset of weather, Winter, will as he has known all along force his hand to coast for at least several weeks and during that time you will look more seriously at the feasibility of doing the East Coast States with their disgusting over population and development. His guess is yes with the exception of Rhode Island Delaware possibly New Jersey possibly main. 

What's the alternative? 

 What is the alternative to taking your best shot each breath at making the world a tiny bit less evil, bringing a tiny bit more good toward the world? 

 Man's search for meaning, Viktor Frankl, suggests that there is no alternative. 

Albert kamu, the plague, suggest that there is no alternative. 

 Man of La Mancha don quixote, sir ventus, suggest that there is no alternative. 

 It has been many many months or years that James has understood at some level that his job and he thinks the job of every a live human being is to Pioneer how to find sufficient joy In this dying world. To protect, preserve, Foster, conduit, some tiny bit of good in this world.

These dark days this last week culminating tonight are bringing James back face-to-face with that. 

It is extremely dark. It is quite frightening. But it is the path for James . And it is the path to be proven and demonstrated for the downstream poor survivors.

And doesn't James need to figure out how to do even much better than that? Yes. Don't you?

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