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Why would a recent US president be reading Camus the plague, a story about the world dying?......

this is pretty interesting to me. More than interesting, A piece just fell in place. In undergraduate school was the first time that the plague was read by me. It's not something that I have thought about since but I found it very meaningful at the time. It was recently reread By Me Maybe 6 months ago when it was mentioned in an article or in a headline on the horrible creature George W bush, bush 2, who said he had recently read it and found it very meaningful. I didn't read it because he thought it was a good idea I simply realized that it might provide insights for our cataclysmic time. And it did. I was very glad to have read it and I recommend it to anyone looking for direction in where we are in this Dying World. How to live in a Dying World. The piece that just clicked into place was that he, as mentally incompetent as he is, clinically, that he a former recent president of the United States with all of the information at his disposal that that individual, that he would find such a book meaningful. Here's why I find that meaningful. The first time I recall sensing that the folks at the top of what calls itself our government had concluded that everything is going to end, the first time is when I still felt very positively about Barack Obama, probably his sixth year in office, and I saw him for the first time looking like a deer in the headlight, of course he had his painted smile, but he looked scared to death to me in his eyes, deeply terrified. I was sure then and I'm fairly sure now. My sense then was that somehow they had just shown him the shell game, that everything was going to die, and that he couldn't stop it. That's probably not exactly the experience he had but I think it was of that sort. Just this moment 2 + 2 add it up to 4 for me. Why would a recent former president of the United States be reading Camus the plague except to try and figure out how to deal with the fact that someone with all of that so-called Intelligence on world affairs, a recent US president, knew and was planning for everything to die even for the rich?

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