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What I'll do with my lottery winnings. Last night I let my mind run with the notion of winning one or both of the lotteries, maybe a billion dollars. Once or twice......

What I'll do with my lottery winnings. Last night I let my mind run with the notion of winning one or both of the lotteries, maybe a billion dollars. Once or twice before I've let it run similarly. Prior times it has gone to organizations fighting for causes that I fight for. This time it was different. In line with my recent writings of my recent Revelations, this time it went to people that to my soul I see as doing good to attempt to amplify the amount of good they do in the world. There of course is some alignment with the causes that I have fought for but not always. Air feeds life whether it is in a city or a town or the United States or somewhere else in the world. Good is like that but much more important. It is a type of thing, good is. Everything is being destroyed because there is almost no good left in the world dominated by we hideous humanoids. What little decency there might be in the future depends upon increasing the amount of good. In no particular order at all the recipients of my winnings were going to be those individuals I know personally that essentially use their lives to do good, most breaths, some wouldn't be surprised that I would choose them in some wood not. Some individuals that I have watched on the world stage that have no idea who I am, Norman Finkelstein, Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Jane Goodall..... and yes, some organizations, Jewish voice for peace, if not now, open Hillel .....  And I would have attempted to build an effort 2 establish what it means, a health psychology, work that Abraham Maslow began back in the fifties and sixties that I think was never carried forward. Of course it was not carried forward. The charlatan disgusting Professional Psychology has no interest in creating healthy people, just in treating people for whatever it claims are diseases for the money they can get from it, often what they treat are the few healthy souls in our society that refuse to adapt to a sick Evil deadly culture. And to administer These funds I would need to travel and it occurred to me that I would want to fund a 60 mile an hour version of the vehicle that I currently Drive which could be impossible particularly due to regulatory restrictions but maybe not. It occurred to me to take the lightest licensed three or four wheel vehicle available and to create a shell for it probably made out of glass and load it with gallium arsenide solar panels under some sort of servo-mechanism so that they could be constantly angled toward the Sun. Whether it was individuals or organizations, imagining Limitless money sort of, the attempt would be to find out how much their work was constrained by lack of how much money and to supply that on a one-time or annual basis. In all likelihood Bernie Sanders and his organization would receive a large portion of the funds. Also a few individuals that are so cruelly treated by the world, I would attempt to set up a trust so that each of them would receive A tiny amount of money that they could live on for the rest of their lives.

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