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### So, Hedges, you are down with violating the rights of others to peacefully Assemble? Just what kind of world is it that your proposed violence will give us? The answer is, just one different group imposing their will on others. Violence by whatever name is violence. I don't want your world. I'm so disappointed in you. Have you become what you hate? '' shutdown the Democratic National Convention.''

... I admit to being conflicted on my comment above. But I stand by it. I think it is insane that the young people of this country don't come to Washington DC and so fill every street corner that the city ceases to function until it implements Marshall Plan level policy to stop global warming, for example. But to shut down, shut down, a meeting of fellow citizens, no matter how corrupt, no matter how revolting? How is this not inviting citizens that disagree with my policies to shutdown my peaceful meeting? I am opposed to the Democratic party just as I am opposed to the Nazi party. But if I violate their rights then I am violating my rights, and more importantly, I am violating the rights that I am bound to protect with my life for all species. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. There is only one set of rights, that which applies to us all. An attack on what is Right for any creature is an attack on what is Right for every one of us. Violence, violating the rights of others to get what one wants, that's the world we have. I don't want more of it.

Fb reply:  James, I think you are misinterpreting this. He is not calling for violence. These homeless and impoverished people were denied the right to peacefully assemble. That is a Constitutional right denied in the city where the Constitution was written! Nowhere does he promote violence. You interpret "shut down" as a violent expression. I disagree. If someone is murdering someone else, and you try to stop them, are you violating their rights??

James: Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Please be sure you have read what I just added to my comment immediately above this one. Not that it will persuade you differently. I don't write to persuade. I write to share what I am persuaded of. Yes, I am absolutely responding to the wording shut it down. The DNC is a citizen group. It is different than a governmental group in my view, Morally. It is different than a corporate group, morally. And the nature of the assembly, no matter how much I may detest it with every fiber of my being,, I do not have the right to shut it down nor does anyone else. To demonstrate against it? Absolutely. I would say there is a duty to demonstrate against it. Language matters. The headline is shut it down. Yes, I absolutely respond to that as should anyone.

Friend: Please see my comment below and also consider that lobbyists have a huge hand in putting the DNC together. It will be run by bankers and lobbyists. This is much more a corporate assembly than a citizens assembly. The whole "people side" of it is a sham, theater for the controlled masses. To stand in support of such a gathering is to support war lords and those who impoverish our inner cities. Just my opinion...

James: Which part of my wording, duty to protest, is unclear? Again, I hope you seriously consider what I've said. I have considered what you have shared. I think you are not seeing the distinction between violence and nonviolence. I think Hedges article provides an important opportunity to see that whatever one does one should accept in return. So, if you are fine with the state or fellow citizens shutting down your meetings then you should feel fine with Hedges language to shut down the DNC. Otherwise, not so much. And then there's the matter of incitement. Are you okay with the violence against the Trump demonstrators in California? I suspect not. Are you okay with language that would incite such violence? I suspect not. This is not a time for amateurish, thoughtless, self-indulgent, acting out, Behavior. No, I am not accusing you or Hedges of that. I am cautioning against it. I've shared what I have to share. Be well

James:  I think we have a shared what we have to share on this. Be well

Friend 2:  James, thank you for posting this article. I will be on the South side of city hall, as close to Honksla and Chris as possible. I AM NOT going to Philly to solely support brother Bernie Sanders, although I will participate in many activities "permitted" in FDR park. I do not want to get arrested the first day, but if I have to I will. I will go to Philly with peace in my heart, revolution in my soul and a very practical approach to what the FBI, Homeland Security and their patsies the Philadelphia police force have in mind for those of us that will be Heard and not Herded. I grew up in South Philly and coming home in more ways than one. I hope to see you there as I know your convictions are even deeper than mine.

James: I appreciate your thoughtful and constructive words. On those days I will be fighting, every breath, for an anti-violent, loving world, of that we can both be certain. Whether I will be in Philly or not depends on whether on those days I view the that is my best means of serving creation. Yes, Sanders is a wonderful human being, a godsend. My donation of virtually all of my meager savings this month to his campaign was not to him, but to the revolution he is trying to lead. He would be the first to agree, is the first to agree, that he is not the revolution. He is the spirit of the Revolution I believe, and those who embody that Spirit are also of the revolution. It is that spirit that my life is devoted to embody with my every breath in whatever Direction, in whatever form, I think can best serve creation.

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